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Many of us thought we’d be riding around in AI-driven cars by now — so what happened?

We’ve been told that AI-driven cars will soon be all over our roads, but where are they? Writer Janelle Shane explains how our world with all its unpredictable challenges -- things like pedestrians, sinkholes and kangaroos -- are testing the capabilities of the most advanced artificial intelligence.
Posted Nov 2019

How can we save more lives during a refugee crisis? See it coming before it hits.

Refugee advocate Rana Novack is using AI to help predict new waves of migration -- so the world can help before disaster strikes.
Posted Jun 2018

Can you teach a computer to be funny?

Here’s one example of a machine-generated joke: “Why did the chicken cross the road? To see the punchline.” Learn about the work that scientists are doing to make AI more LOL.
Posted Nov 2017
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