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A peek into the brave new world of programmable materials

A flat piece of plastic that shapes itself into a shoe? An orthodontic device that moves into position to straighten teeth? Computational architect Skylar Tibbits is shaking up the material world.
Posted Feb 2017

News of the light and sweet

An optogenetic breakthrough, 3D printing hits the big leagues, and a monumental sugar sculpture in this roundup of today’s three need-to-know stories.
Posted May 2014

3D printing a better socket for prosthetic limbs

Growing up in Sierra Leone, David Sengeh knew all too many amputees. Now studying at the MIT Media Lab, he talks about his idea of redesigning the socket that connects an artificial limb to a human body -- and his dream of creating custom-designed, low-cost, comfortable sockets that 3D printing technology could make accessible to anyone, anywhere.
Posted Feb 2014