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0:13 (Music)

1:56 (Applause)

2:00 (Music)

2:19 (Music ends)

2:21 (Applause)

2:30 Robbie Mizzone: Thank you.

2:32 Tommy Mizzone: Thank you very much. We're so excited to be here. It's such an honor. Like he said, we're three brothers from New Jersey — you know, the bluegrass capital of the world.

2:41 (Laughter)

2:44 We discovered bluegrass a few years ago, and we fell in love with it. We hope you guys will too. This next song is an original we wrote called "Time Lapse," and it will probably live up to its name.

2:55 (Tuning)

3:04 (Music)

4:46 (Music ends)

4:48 (Applause)

5:00 TM: Thank you very much.

5:03 RM: I'm just going to take a second to introduce the band. On guitar is my 15-year-old brother Tommy.

5:08 (Applause)

5:14 On banjo is 10-year-old Jonny.

5:16 (Applause)

5:20 He's also our brother. And I'm Robbie, and I'm 14, and I play the fiddle.

5:24 (Applause)

5:30 As you can see, we decided to make it hard on ourselves, and we chose to play three songs in three different keys.

5:35 (Tuning)

5:38 Yeah. I'm also going to explain, a lot of people want to know where we got the name "Sleepy Man Banjo Boys" from. So, it started when Jonny was little, and he first started the banjo, he would play on his back with his eyes closed, and we'd say it looked like he was sleeping. So you can probably piece the rest together.

5:55 TM: We can't really figure out the reason. It might have been that it weighs about a million pounds.

6:01 (Music)

7:40 (Applause)

7:42 (Music)

8:23 (Music ends)

8:24 (Applause)

8:29 TM: Thank you very much.

8:30 (Cheering)

8:31 RM: Thank you.

8:33 (Applause)