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0:14 (Music)

0:28 Text: BeatJazz. BeatJazz is: 1. Live looping, 2. Jazz improvisation And 3. "Gestural" sound design. Accelerometers on each hand read hand position. The color of the lights indicates which sound I am playing.

2:58 Red = Drums, Blue = Bass, Green = Chords, Orange = Leads, Purple = Pads

3:34 The mouthpiece consists of ... a button, two guitar picks and lots of hot glue. The heads-up display is a smartphone that displays system parameters.

4:53 Why? To atomize music culture so that ALL past, present and future genres can be studied and abstracted, live. And "BeatJazzers" become as common as D.J.'s. But mostly ... to MAKE the future rather than wait for it.

6:09 (Applause)