What makes TED Recommends so special?

True personalization
No one knows you as well as you know yourself

That’s why our recommendations are based on your unique interests and motivations. Add in some artificial intelligence, your watch history and ratings, and the recommendations will just keep getting better.

Less is more
You’re on information overload. We get it.

That's why we designed TED Recommends to make fewer—but smarter—recommendations. You’ll get updates only when there’s an idea we think you’ll love.

Community curation
Tapping into the wisdom of TED’s global community

Real people provide the context around each idea, explaining how it affected them personally, and why it might matter to you, too. You can also help spread the ideas you love by recommending them. When you do, we’ll even tell you how those recommendations have affected others.

...and a bag of chips
Ideas trending near you
Conference or community events in your area
A dashboard of personalized recommendations
Fewer emails, more inspiration

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