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As a country, how can we better inspire our students — and support our educators? To explore ideas, TED, WNET, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting teamed up for a brand-new one-hour special, funded by CPB's "American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen." TED Talks Education was an exhilarating night of talks hosted by John Legend.

TED Talks Education: Rita F. Pierson Rita F. Pierson

An educator since 1972, Rita F. Pierson says teacher-student connections are the key to keeping kids on track.
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TED Talks Education: Ramsey Musallam Ramsey Musallam

Chemistry teacher and host of the internet show Infinite Thinking Machine, Ramsey Musallam perplexes students -- in a good way.
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TED Talks Education: Angela Lee Duckworth Angela Lee Duckworth

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth studies grit, that little-understood factor which allows some kids to succeed, regardless of IQ.
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TED Talks Education: Bill Gates Bill Gates

The legendary technologist now focuses on philanthropy, looking for innovations to tackle the world’s toughest problems.
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TED Talks Education: Geoggrey Canada Geoffrey Canada

A passionate and outspoken education reformer, Geoffrey Canada spent 30 years running the Harlem Children’s Zone.
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TED Talks Education: Malcolm London Malcolm London

A young poet and activist from Chicago, Malcolm London was called the Gil-Scott Heron of this generation by Cornel West.
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TED Talks Education: Pearl Arredondo Pearl Arredondo

Pearl Arredondo established a pilot middle school that teaches students to be good communicators in the 21st century.
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TED Talks Education: John Legend John Legend

John Legend performs the song "True Colors," giving the lyrics extra resonance for both teachers and students.

TED Talks Education: Ken Robinson Sir Ken Robinson

The most-watched speaker on TED.com, this author, educator and creativity expert challenges us to radically rethink school systems.
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Host: John Legend
The nine-time Grammy winner works to break the cycle of poverty through the Show Me Campaign, dedicated to education for all.

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Join the conversation about #TEDTalksEd

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TED Talks Education, hosted by John Legend, premiered May 7, 2013 on PBS. Watch full-length versions of talks from the show right here.
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Connection makes learning stick

Sometimes it's so simple. Longtime educator, Rita Pierson, fired up the TED stage with this no-nonsense talk about how the secret to learning is right in front of us and shares a moving essay on TEDWeekends on the power of the human connection in the classroom. Pearson's humor is as potent as her prose.
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