Lessons from Leaders

TD Ameritrade and TED have teamed up to share the stories of four thought leaders from the TED ecosystem who are working to solve critical issues, highlighting their journeys and impact through a five-part video series. Each of them is challenging the conventional notion of leadership and encouraging more people to participate by bringing diverse ideas, voices, and experiences to the table. While some issues may feel too big for us to face on our own, these trailblazers are focusing on empowering others in an effort to create expansive reach.

Lessons from Leaders: Creating Lasting Impact

Meet the four leaders and find out how they are using their respective organizations to turn their ideas into action that creates lasting impact: Ben Rattray, Gregg Treinish, Piper Anderson and Dr. Daniel Hashimoto.

Lessons from Leaders: Pace

Entrepreneur Ben Rattray of Change.org discusses how, in the beginning, he struggled with pacing himself and learned the importance of building a sustainable plan to reach his long-term goals.

Ben Rattray is the founder of Change.org, a platform that helps translate causes into action, thereby deepening engagement in social issues and empowering people to make a difference in their communities and the world around them.

Lessons from Leaders: Empowerment

Empowering the people around you to succeed may be the key to sourcing the best solutions, as Gregg Treinish has found with Adventure Scientists.

Gregg Treinish is the founder of Adventure Scientists, an organization that connects outdoor adventurers with scientists to help collect valuable data used to address critical challenges in the environment and human health.

Lessons from Leaders: Curiosity

Leaders don’t need to have all the answers. Asking meaningful questions and building relationships may be just as valuable, finds Piper Anderson.

Piper Anderson is a storyteller, coach, trainer, TED Resident, and the Founder and President of Create Forward, a social impact firm delivering experiences that advance equity and justice.

Lessons from Leaders: Collaboration

Turning a historically competitive medical community into a collaborative environment is one way Dr. Daniel Hashimoto and his team at SAIL are using AI technology to help improve patients’ experiences and make surgery safer.

Dr. Daniel Hashimoto, the Associate Director of Research at the Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory (SAIIL) at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and his team are working to develop artificial intelligence models to provide surgeons with additional data to improve surgical decision-making and expand patient access to affordable care.

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