Kaiser Permanente Presents: A Way Up

Kaiser Permanente and TED partnered with local TEDx communities to create A Way Up – a multi-city initiative bringing community leaders together to discuss how we can create healthier futures in the places we call home. In each episode, host Ethan Lipsitz – Founder of Love Extremist, Kaiser Permanente patient, and brain cancer survivor – opens up a dialogue on how to strengthen the total community health of our cities.

A Way Up: TEDxMileHigh in Denver

Ethan sits down with local leaders – councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, entrepreneur Eric Kornacki, Dr. Lynnette Namba from Kaiser Permanente, and Growing Up Boulder founder Mara Mintzer – to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Denver. As one of the country's fastest growing and thriving tech hubs, housing, food, and public space all play a role in shaping the city's changing landscape.

See how Kaiser Permanente is currently responding to COVID-19 in Denver and beyond at kp.org/coronavirus.

Photo credit: IGNITEimages / TEDxMileHigh

Lynnette Namba of Kaiser Permanente, councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, entrepreneur Eric Kornacki, and TEDx speaker Mara Mintzer chat with Ethan Lipsitz at TEDxMileHigh. Learn more about this event at TEDxMileHigh.com

A Way Up: TEDxLaie in Hawaii

Coming July 2020

Photo credit: Bruno Maynez / TEDxLaie

Hawaii Department of Education's Dexter Kishida and Aloha United Way's Lisa Kimura share ideas to improve their communities in Hawaii after attending TEDxLaie. Learn more about this event at TEDxLaie.com

A Way Up: TEDxSanDiego in San Diego

Coming September 2020

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