TED and Ford are partnering to explore the City of Tomorrow -- a visionary look at the challenges society must address to improve life in our cities, including the movement of people and goods. To bring that to life, Ford recently hosted the City of Tomorrow Symposium in San Francisco. As a part of Ford and TED's partnership, TED Studios participated in the Symposium and asked some of the big questions around how we can all collectively build the City of Tomorrow.

Insights from Ford's City of Tomorrow

TED asked mobility industry leaders to think about today’s biggest challenges -- and the innovative solutions needed to solve these problems and help unlock human potential. Hear insights from Janette Sadik-Khan, a principal at Bloomberg Associates; Ali Vahabzadeh, CEO and founder of Chariot; James Ehrlich, the founder of ReGen Villages and entrepreneur in residence at Stanford University; and Jessica Robinson of Ford's City Solutions.

What does the city of tomorrow look like?

What are today's biggest mobility challenges?

What cities are implementing innovative mobility solutions?

How does a well-designed city help unlock human potential?