Dove Advanced Care: Stories of Confidence

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is partnering with TED to share stories of female confidence told through podcasts and video. Dove Advanced Care offers 48 hour sweat & odor protection that’s kind to skin to help women feel more confident in whatever they do, whether it’s as simple as lifting up their arms in celebration or lifting up other female voices around them.

Stories of Confidence

Our partnership shines a light on four women we've selected from our TED Fellows community to share their inspirational stories of struggle and success on the road to confidence, fulfillment, and -- ultimately -- achievement.

Christine Sun Kim

Christine Sun Kim uses the medium of sound in performance and drawing to investigate and rationalize her relationship with spoken language and her aural environment. Born deaf, Christine felt she had no “ownership” of sound. In her work, she takes claim of sound and the relationship she has forged to it, by liberating the voice from social constraints and norms. Her work has been exhibited globally, including the Tate Modern, MoMA and Whitney Museum.

This TED Ideas Studio film was created in partnership with Dove Advanced Care.

Art and photo credits (in order of appearance):
“One Week of Lullabies For Roux” - Peter Harris Studio and MIT List Visual Arts Center
“Sound Diet” - WHITE SPACE BEIJING and Christine Sun Kim, photo by Christian Liebermann
“Tables and Windows” - Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader
Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children - Art Night London and Matt Rowe
“Why Doubt My Experience?” - Colin Miller (For Freedoms and Unfinished)
“Eye Spot” - Zaiye Studio and White Space Beijing

Special Thanks:
Youka Snell
Jennifer Vold
Don Aretino
Anna-Catharina Gebbers
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Hamburger Bahnhof
François Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles

Antionette Carroll

Antionette Carroll is a designer and the founder of Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit using design process to create social justice. Her firm fosters racially equitable communities through education and training programs, community engagement consulting and open-source tools and resources. Creative Reaction Lab was founded in response to the unrest in Ferguson, MO. The labs pioneered a new form of creative problem solving called Equity-Centered Community Design. The process uses equity as the basis to co-create solutions with communities.

This TED Ideas Studio film was created in partnership with Dove Advanced Care.

Lucy Marcil

Pediatrician Lucy Marcil helps low-income families tackle their financial problems in an effort to decrease stress and improve child health. Marcil founded StreetCred, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps families file taxes and apply for such social and financial services. StreetCred has returned over $5.3 million to 2,700 families by helping low-income families apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit while they wait. Now, the organization is piloting an initiative to provide families with services beyond tax prep.

Erika Hamden

Chef-turned-astrophysicist Erika Hamden is looking for new ways to observe faint objects in outer space. She recently led an international team to design, build and fly a balloon-borne ultraviolet telescope called FIREBall-2. The telescope observes gas at the outskirts of distant galaxies to help understand their formation. Currently she’s at work on a proposal to NASA to construct an ultraviolet space telescope that would provide insight into how stars form in our galaxy.

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