Like TED, Autodesk is rooted in technology, entertainment, and design. At the TED Conference, Autodesk can test its latest products, generate new ideas, and connect with TED community members - like the TED Fellows - who rely on Autodesk designs in their work. Autodesk hosts workshops, displays the Autodesk Gallery, and hosts a popular late-night event. Together, these activations allow Autodesk to engage directly with its consumer base and to build excitement among influential TED Conference attendees.

Autodesk presents: "IDEAS Cage Match"

Today, more than 10 million architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and digital artists use Autodesk technology to design, visualize, and simulate their projects.

As Autodesk continues to grow, they come to TED to focus on understanding innovative practices with leading customers, to develop prototypes of emerging technologies and approaches to design, and to demonstrate Autodesk’s thought leadership among an influential group of TEDsters. They consistently work on the cutting edge of technology and design, and leverage the insights of the TED community to make sure that their products continue to help their consumers achieve their goals.

Autodesk’s partnership at TED2013 included:

  • The Autodesk Gallery: Under the theme, “Public Interest Design: Places Products, and Processes,” pieces were co-curated by TEDsters John Cary and Courtney Martin, as well as Autodesk Gallery team members. The exhibit focused on the intersection of design and social justice.
  • Autodesk Master Classes: These hour-long workshops brought TED attendees and Autodesk Fellows together to share insights about business strategy guided by architecture and engineering. Autodesk Fellow Tom Wujec led a Master Class on applying design practices to business collaboration. Chris Cheung, creator of Autodesk’s Sketchbook application, gave attendees tips on sketching for clarity in a variety of business situations.
  • The IDEAS Cage Match: One of TED’s most popular events, these fun, colorful late-night debates (intellectual fights) feature TED speakers old and new. Wearing boxing gloves and an eclectic variety of athletic-wear, leading scientists, educators, and designers debate topics from human evolution to experiential education. Although the form of the event is total pop culture, the content is lively, thought provoking, and unexpected.

Autodesk consistently brings some of the most popular activations to TED conferences. By tapping into their most energetic, creative employees and putting the TED community’s needs and personality at the center of their planning, Autodesk exchanges invaluable insights with TED attendees and brings a contagious sense of enthusiasm for new ideas.

How to connect: Email Lisa Choi Owens - Head of Global Partnerships, at

Though it looks like fun and games, as a premiere thought-leadership event, it connects us with like-minded organizations and individuals.
Scott Sheppard - Program Manager, Autodesk Labs