TEDGlobal 2007

Africa: The Next Chapter
Arusha, Tanzania
June 4–7, 2007

Over the past few years, a growing number of people in the TED community have become passionate about Africa, a continent that appears to be at an important tipping point. Its problems and challenges are well known. Less well known is that across the continent, change is afoot. Instead of relying only on development aid, Africans across the continent are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Ingenious solutions are being applied to tackle some of the toughest health and infrastructure problems. Businesses are being launched that are capable of transforming the lives of millions. New communication technologies are allowing ideas and information to spread, enabling markets -- and governments -- to be more efficient. And the numbers suggest that incomes are starting to nudge up in some countries and real growth is on the way. A new Africa beckons.

One hundred TEDGlobal Fellows

We are proud to announce major support for this event from key TED partners AMD, GE and Google. Thanks to their commitments, we were able to provide fellowships to this event for 100 individuals who we believe have an important role to play in Africa’s future. These fellowships covered the conference fee, plus travel to Arusha from within Africa, and accommodation. We are no longer taking applications for fellowships. Thank you to all those who applied.