TEDCity2.0 2013

Dream me. Build me. Make me real.
Manhattan, NY
September 20, 2013

On September 20, 2013, TEDCity2.0 took place at the TimesCenter in New York City. Co-curated and co-hosted by Chris Anderson, John Cary and Courtney Martin, the event surfaced stories of urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe, and featured an unexpected mix of over 20 speakers, including several 2012 City 2.0 Award winners.

Livestreamed for free, the TEDCity2.0 anchor conference coincided with self-organized TEDxCity2.0 events over a 48-hour period. TEDx communities worldwide are envisioning the cities of our future and sharing big ideas about collaborative action and sustainable solutions.

Global action during TEDCity2.0 2013

Certain speakers issued calls to action from the main stage. Livestream viewers were invited to respond to the calls and customize them for their local context. Some viewers even mobilized with their communities in a day of action around a local urban issue. Here's a recap.

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TEDCity2.0 2013 program

Session 1: Redefining Citizen
Hosted by Chris Anderson
9-10:30am ET

  • Poverty professor Ananya Roy, exploring the ingenuity of the world's most vulnerable
  • Peace strategist Mohamed Ali tackles terrorism with entrepreneurial verve
  • Entrepreneur Eric Liu is reinventing citizenship for the 21st century
  • Harassment avenger Emily May is reclaiming public safety for women and for all
  • Mayor Kasim Reed, who's shaping the future of one of America's most diverse cities
  • Pedestrian freestylers Shem Rajoon, Luciano Acuna Jr. and Masi James of Bklyn Beast push the limits of urban movement

Session 2: Reinventing Urban Experience
Hosted by Courtney Martin
11am-12pm ET

  • Walkability advocate Jeff Speck, who fights against suburban sprawl and bad urban policy
  • Aural artist Jason Sweeney, reinventing the urban experience through a crowdsourced public art project
  • Civic technologist Catherine Bracy is scaling Code for America internationally
  • Radical professor Dennis Dalton, an Ivy Leaguer with a thing for street philosophers
  • Urban bard Felice Belle is a poetic voice of and on the city

Session 3: Reimagining the City
Hosted by John Cary
1:30-3pm ET

  • Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is putting pedestrians at the forefront of transportation policy in New York City
  • Visionary architect Chris Downey, who lost his sight and gained new ways of seeing the world
  • Robin Nagle, anthropologist-in-residence at the NYC department of sanitation, talks trash
  • Street performers John Pita and Avi Snow of City of the Sun are flamenco/blues/indie rockers
  • Place maker Toni Griffin, an urban planner working to make cities more just
  • Housing advocate Shaun Donovan, the US secretary of housing and urban development
  • Sustainability guru Lance Hosey, who's on a mission to make green design beautiful

Session 4: Redrawing Geographies
Hosted by Chris Anderson
3:30-5pm ET

  • Transportation evangelist Enrique Peñalosa turned Bogotá into an international model for pedestrian life
  • Impact designer Alan Ricks believes the global South has something to teach the global North about beauty
  • Burkina Faso-born architect Diébédo Francis Kéré creates elegance using local crafts and materials
  • Writer Joshunda Sanders, who's remapping our mental urban landscape with memoir
  • Photographer Iwan Baan captures life in informal communities, including the world's most notorious vertical slum

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