Icons. Geniuses. Mavericks.
Monterey, California
March 7-10, 2007

The past few TEDs have each had broad content themes: "The Pursuit of Happiness," "Inspired by Nature," "The Future We Will Create."

TED2007 was different. Instead of a subject-matter theme, we simply put on stage fifty remarkable people...and let them share whatever it is they are passionate about.

This, of course, is what TED has always been about. Bring together extraordinary people from every area of thought, work and culture, and lo and behold, astonishing connections are made, excitement and inspiration follow.

It works this way because all knowledge is connected. Hearing experts in your field may deliver incremental improvements to what you do. But if you want the big breakthrough, the giant "Aha," then you have to emerge from your trench, climb to higher ground and see the big picture.