Who we are

TED is a global community — and so is our staff. We're headquartered in New York and Vancouver, but the collaborative and global nature of our work means we have staffers, advisors and volunteers worldwide.

New York Office

Content Curation and Admin Team

Chris Anderson - Curator
Susan Zimmerman - Executive Assistant to the Curator
Kelly Stoetzel - Content Director
Nick Weinberg - Associate Content Producer
Cloe Shasha - Associate Programs Producer
Elizabeth Tornheim - Content Coordinator
Juliet Blake - Content Producer, Curator Special Projects

Anna Bechtol - Project Manager - TED Institute/Special Projects
Tom Valentino - Chief Financial Officer
Mike Jacobson - Director of Talent
Erline Maruhom - Accountant
Renatto Cobos - Accounting Specialist
Peter Cerrato - Office Manager
Lauren Mcalpine - Administrative Assistant

TED Media Team

June Cohen - Executive Producer of TED Media
Emily McManus - TED.com Editor
Kristin Windbigler - Director, Open Translation Project
Taneesha Jordan - Executive Assistant
Helen Walters - Ideas Editor
Thu-Huong Ha - Context Editor
Kate Torgovnick - Writer
Morton Bast - Editorial Coordinator
Nadia Goodman - Social Media Editor
Alex Hofmann - Associate Director, Global Distribution + Licensing
Lisa Bu - Content Distribution Manager
Olivier Sherman - Distribution Partner Manager
Janet Lee - Editor, Content Distribution
Ellyn Guttman - Project Manager, TED Books | Distribution
Jenny Zurawell - Translation Operations Manager
Ivana Korom - Translation Project-TEDx Liaison
Helene Batt - Open Translation Project Coordinator
Dimitra Papageorgiou - Language Coordinator Program Manager
Krystian Aparta - Localization Community Manager

Deron Triff - Director, Global Distribution + Licensing
Mike Femia - Director, Design Services
Michelle Quint - Executive Editor, TED Books
Roxanne Hai Lash - Producer, Media Team
Angela Cheng - Video Production Lead
Marla Mitchnick - Film + Video Editor
Laurie House - Film + Video Editor
Chris Hardy - Media Production Specialist
Kristel Ottis - Production Manager
ChiHong Yim - Video Production Assistant
Eric Mueller - Video Delivery Lead
Kari Mulholland - Film + Video Editor
Isaac Wayton - Film + Video Editor
Gwen Schroeder - Post Production Manager
Daniel Ruiz - AV Quality Control Specialist
Anyssa Samari - Media Archivist
Dian Lofton - Senior Photo Editor
Lilian Chen - Designer
Emily Pidgeon - Photo Project Coordinator
Martha Estafanos - Media Team Coordinator
Clark Frankel - Post-Production Coordinator

TED Partnership Team

Ronda Carnegie - Head of Global Partnerships
Jenee Gilhooley - Director, TED Institute
Anna Kostuk - Associate Creative Director, TED Partnerships
Matthew Farrar - Partnerships Development / Asia
Nicole Fratus - Digital Traffic Manager
Jody Mak - Partnership Analyst
Clare Slaughter - Media Planner
Georgia Campbell - Chief of Staff, Partnerships
Celia Berger - Graphic Designer
Bryn Freedman - TED Content Producer and Curator, TED Institute
Emily Ludolph - Executive Assistant to the Head of Global Partnerships

Matt Curtis - Director of Partnership Development
Milton D. Speid - Global Partnerships Development
Dan Mitchell - Partnership Development
Doug Chilcott - Creative Services Director
Elise Merhige - Special Projects / Partner Promotions
Ella Saunders-Crivello - Program Specialist
Kate Welsh - Program Manager: Education and Philanthropy
Ivie Arasomwan - Creative Partnerships Coordinator
Erika Flynn - Partnership Development, Philanthropy
Kelly Moll - Partnership Promotions and Special Projects
Morgan Moody - Account Services
Sofia Athanassiadis - Creative Services Coordinator
Kim Nederveen Pieterse - Account Services Coordinator

Technology Team

Gavin Hall - Chief Technology Officer
Eric Goldsmith - Data Scientist
Thaniya Keereepart - Product Development Director
Ladan Wise - Senior Product Development Manager
Jai Punjabi - Senior Product Development Manager
Aaron Weyenberg - UX Lead
Michael McWatters - UX Architect
Haley Hoffman - Product Development Analyst
Will True - Product Development Manager
Bedirhan Cinar - Product Development Manager
Lara Press - Content Production Specialist
Mireille Pilloud - Community Support Manager
Francil Richards - IT Manager
Brenna O'Brien - Front-end Engineer

Dan Russell - Director of Technical Operations
Michael Rhing - Hero Engineer
Nathan Sullivan - Senior DevOps Engineer
Mark Bogdanoff - Production Engineer
Alex Dean - Software Engineer
Joshua Warchol - Software Engineer
Ken Hill - Software Architect
George Riley - Software Architect
Chris Herbert - Software Architect
Christian Omania - Software Architect
Michael Twentyman - Software Architect
Joe Bartlett - Front-end Developer
Ryan Toronto - Front-end Developer
Sam Selikoff - Front-end Engineer

TEDx Team

Jay Herratti - Executive Director, TEDx
Salome Heusel - Deputy Director, TEDx
Becca Pace - Global Development Manager, TEDx
Alex Rudloff - Chief Digital Strategist, TEDx
David Webber - TEDxTalks Manager, TEDx
Tahlia Hein - TEDx Post-event Coordinator
Saba Dilawari - TEDx Team Coordinator

Will Davis - TEDx Applications Manager
Rachel Saunders - TEDx Applications Coordinator
Katelyn Montanese - TEDx Applications Associate
Amanda Ellis - Projects Manager, TEDx
Jenny Groza - Community Development & Engagement Manager, TEDx
Boian Filev - TEDx Branding + Resource Coordinator
Hailey Reissman - TEDx Editorial Coordinator

TED Prize Team

Anna Verghese - Director, TED Prize
Sarah Schoengold - TED Prize Project Coordinator
John Cary - TED Prize Consultant

Danielle Klang Thomson - TED Prize Researcher
Courtney Martin - TED Prize Consultant

TED-Ed Team

Logan Smalley - Director, TED-Ed
Stephanie Lo - Director of TED-Ed Programs
Gerta Xhelo - TED-Ed Producer
Sara Kladky - TED-Ed Web Coordinator
Caroline Cristal - Programs Coordinator
Jessica Ruby - TED-Ed Production Coordinator
Tristine Baccam - Special Projects Coordinator

Biljana Labovic - TED-Ed Animation Producer
Franz Palomares - TED-Ed Animation Producer
Jeremiah Dickey - TED-Ed Animation Producer
Lisa LaBracio - TED-Ed Animator
Alex Rosenthal - TED-Ed Editorial Producer
Emilie Soffe - Editorial Coordinator

TED Community Team + TED Fellows Team

Tom Rielly - Fellows & Community Director
Katrina Conanan - Executive Assistant, TED Fellows & Community
Patrick D'Arcy - Associate, TED Fellows + TED Community

Shoham Arad - Deputy Director, TED Fellows
Emeka Okafor - TED Fellows Consultant
Samantha Kelly - Communications Manager, TED Fellows + TED Live

Vancouver Office

Event Operations

Katherine McCartney - Director, Operations
Kyle Shearer - Events Workgroup
Eloise Murphy - Creative Services Workgroup

Janet McCartney - Director, Events
Mike Falco - Food and Beverage Workgroup
Anjali Mohan - Client Services Workgroup

At Large

Bruno Giussani - European Director

Bill Bragin - Music Advisor


To launch TED.com in 2007, the TED team worked with Method, a design firm based in New York and San Francisco.To redesign TED.com in 2013 and 2014, the TED team worked with HUGE. Read more about our collaboration at hello.ted.com

Key contributors to TED.com include:


Brooke Borel
Jessica Gross
Stuart Luman
Sean Cooper
Pennie Rossini
Susan Oh
Don Steinberg
Caroline Tiger
Mike Llewellyn
Marty Cortinas

Tom Carter
Martha Baer
Kristin Courtemanche
Rebecca Harper
Alison Prato
Karen Eng
Rebecca Smith
Evany Thomas
Rachel Tobias


Timothy Covell
Tom Carter

Kati Bicknell
Joe Geni

Open Translation Project volunteers, including everyone listed on our Translators page