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Theme: The Art of Reinvention

This event occurred on
October 5, 2012
9:30am - 5:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
San Diego, CA
United States

We chose the theme “The Art of Reinvention” for TEDxIntuit (a corporate TEDx event) because we believe it acknowledges our rich history as well as tips an aspirational nod where we can be in the future. To stay current with our offerings and brand, we constantly re-train our brain to come up with new ways of thinking, re-think our previously held assumptions, and re-imagine new ways to best delight our customers.

We hope you enjoy today’s show, and walk away believing in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, the company, and ultimately, the world.

Peace & Justice Theatre - Univ. of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA, 92110
United States
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Corporate (What is this?)
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Greg Koch

Stone Brewing Company Co-Founder and CEO. Bio: Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido, Calif., is the 11th largest craft brewery in the U.S. Since Greg started the company with his partner Steve Wagner in 1996, Stone Brewing Co. has become one of the fastest growing and highest rated breweries in the world. Brewing over 148,000 barrels in 2011, Stone is the 11th largest craft brewery in the United States, a position it achieved without ever advertising, discounting, giving away freebies or compromising. Greg passionately believes that environmental and social sustainability go hand-in-hand while brewing mind-blowing beer, and he enjoys speaking on topics ranging from craft beer, to business philosophy, to food, to marketing. You can follow his musings on Twitter: @StoneGreg.

Matt Gordon

Urban Solace Executive Chef and Owner. Bio: Matt Gordon is a 23-year veteran of the restaurant industry. He is the Executive Chef and Owner of Urban Solace, a restaurant in the heart of downtown San Diego that serves modern American food. He has headed numerous kitchens including the highly acclaimed Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar in Healdsburg, Calif., Hospitality Inc. (Festivities Catering, Picnic People) and Scott's Seafood, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Gordon’s personal accolades include “50 People to Watch” by San Diego Magazine in 2011, “40 Under 40” by San Diego Metropolitan Magazine and “Best Chef” by San Diego Downtown News in 2008.

Dr. Karen Christman

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at UC San Diego and founder of The Christman Lab. Bio: Dr. Christman is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering and a member of the Institute of Engineering and Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Her lab focuses on developing novel biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Projects are highly interdisciplinary and include the development of materials for in vitro differentiation of stem cells to injectable biomaterials for tissue repair and regeneration. Dr. Christman received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University in 2000 and her Ph.D. from the University of California San Francisco and Berkeley Joint Bioengineering Graduate Group in 2003.

Jacopo Annese, Ph.D.

Director, The Brain Observatory and Assistant Professor at UCSD School of Medicine. Bio: Dr. Annese is the brain man and the genius behind creating digital maps of the human brain and the founder of The Brain Observatory. He is a trained brain anatomist and histologist, who utilizes multiple MRI techniques and computer-assisted microscopy to create digital maps of the human brain. These maps reveal information about mechanisms of brain function and disease at an unprecedented level of scope and detail. In 2005, he helped establish The Brain Observatory ( which main activities include basic research, clinical and translational studies, outreach, education, and fostering the arts. His work has been featured in a variety of broadcasting and publishing media, including PBS NOVA, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Esquire Magazine, and Discover Magazine. In Dec. 2009, Dr. Annese performed a lengthy brain dissection that streamed online, attracting over 400,000 viewers. The event stimulated viral Twitter activity and inspired the production of a theatrical work entitled “2,401 Objects;” which was the number of histological brain slices collected by Dr. Annese. Dr. Annese was actively involved in the production and scripting of the play.

Jeff Andrews

Vice President - Zoological Operations at Busch Gardens Tampa and former Associate Curator of Mammals at San Diego Zoo

Nancy Green

Brain Highways Founder and Executive Director. Bio: Nancy founded Brain Highways in response to the increasing number of children besieged with learning problems, the intent was to provide a place where families could learn why their children were struggling and to help them move forward. Based on new research that fully supports the brain’s ability to change (neuroplasticity), she expanded the school version of the program to include the children’s parents. Before assuming the position at the Brain Highways program, Nancy Sokol Green was a classroom teacher; author of curriculum, articles, and trade books, content editor and educational consultant.

Tim Yates

Project Walk CEO. Bio: Project Walk is the world’s largest nonprofit spinal cord injury recovery center, and Tim helps rebuild lives every day. The success of the company is built on an understanding and recognition of symptoms that present the potential to improve function below the level of injury. Prior to joining Project Walk, Tim held the title of CEO for a Southern California-based technology firm as well as President of a regional real estate firm. Out of college, Tim had a brief stint in law enforcement before an injury sidelined his career thus turning his attention and energy to business. Tim carries a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and has completed over 40 units of graduate work at National University.

Kevin Pugh

Flagstaff Academy Dean of School Culture. Bio: Currently the Dean of School Culture for a K-8 charter school in Colorado, Kevin is on the front lines of a strong restorative justice movement in schools, communities, and law-enforcement. He has worked with restorative practices since 1999, when he helped implement a restorative justice program at the University of Colorado-Boulder, the first of its kind in the country. He has trained thousands, and consulted regularly as a partner in Evergreen3 Consulting (, and is the co-author of “The Personal Vision Workbook”, which was named one of the top-10 vocational guidance books on in 2007.

Greg Strangman

L.W.P. Founder and Managing Principal. Bio: Greg founded San Diego-based L.W.P. Group, Inc. in 1993, which strives to breathe new life into older buildings. The company acquires, renovates and manages existing residential and commercial properties in the urban core of San Diego, targeting communities ripe for long-term growth and stability. L.W.P.’s portfolio is enriched by several properties with historical significance that highlights the company’s commitment to responsible preservation, restoration, intelligent architecture and design. With L.W.P.’s founding principle of “breathing new life into older buildings” it maintains its focus on adaptive re-use of existing buildings.

Kevin deFrietas

Owner of Kevin deFrietas Architects. Bio: Kevin is a licensed architect who established his firm Kevin deFreitas Architects AIA on the credo “Architecture is the art of listening and the craft of solving problems elegantly.” Kevin graduated cum laud with a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Arizona. Along the way he studied architecture at UC Berkeley and Syracuse University’s program in Florence, Italy-learning about cities. He was also honored with the national Young Architect Award by the American Institute of Architects in 2010.

Derrik Chinn

Turista Libre Founder. Bio: Derrik and his Turista Libre team set forth on a mission to steer open-minded travelers around Tijuana's obvious cliches. In 2007, Cincinnati native Derrik Chinn did something not unthinkable but definitely abnormal. He moved to Tijuana, Mexico. A former entertainment reporter and photographer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, he now operates Turista Libre, a day-trip company aimed at de-stigmatizing the border city by ushering foreigners to sights usually reserved for locals. Chinn calls the city "a postmodern mecca of otherworldliness and humble innovation," adding, "beneath the veil of corruption and violence, Tijuana mesmerizes."

Neil Bellefeuille

The Paradigm Project CEO. Bio: The Paradigm Project is a social venture company working to create sustainable social, economic, and environmental value within developing world communities. Neil’s resumé includes more than 18 years of experience as a management and marketing consultant leading teams in the creation of brands and business units for Fortune 500 clients including Nike, PepsiCo, VF Brands, Conoco-Phillips and World Vision. In September of 2007 Neil relinquished his role as President and Senior Strategist at Bulldog Drummond, a highly successful brand consultancy, to pursue social enterprise design and development within the non-profit sector. As a founder, he has been actively involved in the strategic development of The Paradigm Project from its conception. Neil has a Master’s Degree in English and a BA in liberal arts with an emphasis in business communication.

Deep Deoja

Founder and president of Bishwa Seva Foundation. Bio: Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Deep Prakash Deoja brings a new insight to noetic practices of sound frequencies and their impact on meditation. Inspired at a very young age by Bodhichitta, which is the act of selfless service, Deep guides people through visualization of the chakras and the use of vibration on and around the body, towards self realization and a connection to the higher self. He is the Founder and President of Bishwa Seva Foundation (Foundation for World Being) - a California Based Non-profit organization, whose sole purpose is to assist children and individuals in need in the third world regions, including but not restricted to Nepal.

Sara Tobin

Yogi. Bio: Sara Tobin has her degree in Theatre and Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota, she has taught acting and voice for over twenty years. Sara began teaching yoga in 2002 and is a certified, registered (E-RYT) yoga teacher. Yoga has a symbiotic relationship with Sara’s and many professional artists approach to theatre. A student of Vipassana meditation, Sara incorporates the philosophy of being in the moment connected to ones breath and nonjudgmental awareness towards oneself during practice.

Dr. David Thompson

Research Technologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Bio: David’s work focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and their application to robotic exploration. He has published in leading journals in the areas of spectroscopy, planetary science, astrophysics, and robotics. He is a recipient of the 2011 NASA Software of the Year award. He is currently leading the spectroscopy team for the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory mission. His code has guided autonomous robot explorers fielded in North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean, Low Earth Orbit, and the surface of Mars. David is the recipient of the 2011 NASA software of the year award and works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Jeffery Bada, Ph.D.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Distinguished Professor of Marine Chemistry. Bio: Professor Bada is known for his groundbreaking research that deals with the chemistry of amino acids and the detection of ancient life on Mars. Jeffrey L. Bada is a distinguished professor, emeritus, and a distinguished research professor of marine chemistry at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego (UCSD). He obtained his PhD in chemistry in 1968 at UCSD where his thesis research was supervised by Prof. Stanley Miller, famous for his 1953 pioneering demonstration of the synthesis of organic compounds under early Earth conditions. Prof. Bada’s research deals with the chemistry of amino acids, the synthesis and stability of organic compounds on the primitive Earth and other solar system bodies and the detection of possible remnants of ancient life on Mars both by in situ analyses on the planet, and from the study of Martian meteorites.

Nicole Lazzaro

XEODesign® President. Bio: Nicole is one of the top women working in video games and has worked with EAm Ubisoft, Disney and Lucas Arts. Nicole has twenty years expertise in Player Experience Design (PXD) for mass-market entertainment products. Widely recognized as one of the top women working in video games and a pioneering, leading figure in mobile and social games, Fast Company considers Nicole one of the 100 most influential women in high tech, and Gamasutra voted her one of the Top 20 women working in video games. Nicole has spoken at the U.S. State Department, and has been cited by Wired, Fast Company, ABC News, CNN, CNET, The Hollywood Reporter, and Red Herring. She has improved over 100 million player experiences and has worked with EA, Ubisoft, D.I.C.E., Lucas Arts, Disney, PlayFirst, The Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon on such popular franchises as three of the Myst series, Diner Dash, Fusion Fall, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Jeopardy Online, as well as creativity coaching for the designers of The Sims.

Maia Ferdman

UCLA student and spoken word artist. Bio: Maia Ferdman is a second-year at UCLA who has been an aspiring writer since age 8. She discovered spoken word poetry her senior year at Canyon Crest Academy, and has also been heavily involved in journalism in high school as an editor-in-chief, and in college as an opinion columnist. By studying Global Studies and English at UCLA, she hopes to use her love of writing to instigate positive change in politics, culture, and in society as a whole. She emceed and performed at the inaugural TEDxYouth@SanDiego, and is a huge TED-head. She also loves children, dogs and doodling.

Sekou Andrews

Poetic voice. Bio: Sekou Andrews is inspiring the business world one poem at a time with The Sekou Effect. As an award-winning and internationally acclaimed Poetic Voice, Sekou creates personalized poetic presentations that give voice to the messages and missions of businesses and help them tell their most powerful stories. He is creator and leader of this cutting-edge category of speaking that combines strategic storytelling, inspirational speaking, spoken word poetry, and the power of theater and comedy to make events into experiences, and transform audiences of informed receivers into enrolled responders.

Pierre Charmasson

Emcee. Bio: Pierre Charmasson, CMP, a Broadcast Journalism graduate of Northern Arizona University, is the owner/operator of With an extensive background in corporate theatre and meeting management he has coordinated all types of programs, from Fortune 500 sales incentive meetings to political fund raising events to national and international conferences. His experience also includes work in affiliate network television news as well as owning and operating his own corporate video & film company. A strong advocate of continuing education, Pierre is an instructor in the Extended Studies programs at San Diego State University and California State University San Marcos. Pierre has been an active member of the San Diego Chapter of Meeting Professionals International for over a decade and served as their Chapter President for 2007/2008. Pierre is a best known for his dulcet tones and witty public speaking style. He is a seasoned Master of Ceremonies who is called on regularly to act as a speaker, event moderator, professional auctioneer, and back stage voice over talent.

Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

Dermatologist and new Physician Director of Innovation and Transformation at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego. Bio: Dr. Benabio is an award winning dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego who specializes in social media and technology. He leads several innovation and process improvement projects including enterprise social networking for physicians, lean healthcare initiatives and technology-enhanced healthcare delivery pilots. He is the voice behind, The Digital Doctor, a blog dedicated to educating patients about health and wellness. An expert in social media, Dr. Benabio frequently writes on social media and technology and gives talks to healthcare professionals on topics such as managing your online reputation and how physicians can use social media to engage patients. Connect with him on Twitter @Dermdoc.

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