TED's own collection of badges highlight the special contributions of certain TED community members: TED volunteer translators, TEDx organizers, TED speakers and more. The complete list:

Badge title What it represents
Host Volunteer guide for TED Conversations
TED Staff Member of the TED staff We're hiring!
TED Translator Volunteer translator in TED's Open Translation Project (at least one complete translation)
Language Coordinator Language Coordinator in TED's Open Translation Project
TEDx Organizer Organizer of one or more TEDx events
TEDx Ambassador A TEDx Ambassador
TED Live Member Member of TED Live and participated remotely
Associate Watched a TED conference via the Associates webcast (replaced by TED Live)
TED Attendee Attended a TED Conference
Fellow TED Fellow or Senior Fellow
Speaker Spoke at a TED Conference
TED Prize Winner Winner of a TED Prize