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Theme: "Small Steps, Big Changes"

Aveiro, Portugal
November 20th, 2010

About this event

The theme of this TEDxYouth event will be: "Small Steps, Big Changes". Our speakers will talk about the following subjects: Citizenship / Science / Design / Sports / Food / Music / Environment.

According to the guidelines of TED, the event aims to position itself as an event to share and as a promoter of changes in our communities, and it is specifically addressed to the following audiences:

.Young people between 14 and 24 years old

The event will be held at the Park of Expositions of Aveiro and last during the afternoon of November 20, 2010 from 13:45hrs onwards. This day is also celebrated as "Universal Children's Day". The detail program of our idea sharing event will be uploaded soon on our website. The timings of the event are from 13:45 to 19:00.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Arselio Martins
    Arsélio de Almeida Martins was born in Santo Andre, Vagos, in 1947. He is a professor of Mathematics at Jose Estevão High-school in Aveiro, where he was serving as a director, in different mandates in 80s, 90s, and until 2001, and also director of the Centre for Education for Teachers and an elected member of the Coordinating Council of Teachers Continuing Education. He was also a Students Association Leader in the 70s, at the Faculty of Science at Porto University. After 25 of April he was the leader of the Syndicate of the Mathematics Portuguese Society and the Mathematic Teachers Association, where he is a current Chairman (until September 2010).
  • Fernando Alvim
    Fernando Alvim was born in Mafamude in 1974. He is a radio announcer, DJ and TV presenter. He was working for 17 years as an announcer at Radio Press, and afterwards he moved to New Era radio in Porto, presenting “Terminal de Engate”. His next stop was TSF radio, until 1998, when he started working for Radio Comercial. From there he changed to Antena 3, where he still presents “Prova Oral”, from Monday to Thursday, from 19 to 20. At the weekends he does a solo presentation of "Alvinex", as well as “O 5 para o meio dia” which he conducts together with Filomena Cautela, Nilton, Pedro Fernandes and Luis Filipe Borges. He became a TV star while presenting Top-Rock (1998) and since then he has been hosting several programs such as “Curto-Circuito”, “CineXI”, “BoaNoite Alvim e Perfeiro Anormal”. Also, he has started a bimonthly magazine “365” and launched the Festival Termometro Unplugged, as well as the “Monsters of the Year” prize and the Alternative Festival of Singing ( If this wasn't enough he has had several books published and he collaborates with Maxmen magazine and Metro newspaper as well as writing a blog (
  • Lara Pereira
    Lara Pereira was born in Aveiro. She started her education in the Academy of Classic Ballet of Aveiro (1989-1996), where she finished the course in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She studied also in Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Brunnel University in England, (1996-1999). She danced for National Youth Dance Company, England (1998/99); Scottish Dance Theatre, Scotland (2000/01); Companhia Instável (2001 and 2006); Companhia Nós da Dança (2003 to 2005); X-Factor Dance Company, Scotland (2006/07) and Errol White Dance Company, Scotland (2006 e 2009). During her career she has worked with many Portuguese and international choreographers. She has choreographed and presented several of her own plays. Since 2006 she has been developing her own project - LP Movimento (dance company) and LPstudio (dance studio).
  • Luis Silveira Pinto
    Luís Silveira Pinto has master in Sustainability & Design - Cranfield University. WW Business Manager of the “Magellan” (Magalhães) Educational Initiative at JP Sá Couto, SA, specialized on the adoption of ICT in Education as an accelerator and pedagogical tool on 1:1 computing models. Developing sustainable transformation projects around the world through Education systems. Founder of Sustinova, consulting in Innovation for Sustainable Development. He is also a guest Teacher – Catholic University (Porto). FHe was a Sales Manager of the OEM Division of Microsoft in Portugal.
  • Miguel Coutinho
    Miguel Coutinho is the General Secretary of IDAD – Institute for Environment and Development in Aveiro. He has a degree in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Envinromental Sciencies from the University of Aveiro. He is currently a guest lecturer at IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Marketing Management in the area of Consumer Sciences, and he teaches the discipline of Atmosphere Pollution in the School of Biotechnology in the Catholic University in Portugal. He was a president of Portuguese Association for Impact Assessment. Professionally he has been involved in some of the most important decision-making processes for Portugal. More recently he has focused his researches on themes of history-environment and the assessment of sustainability.
  • Ricardo Luz
    Ricardo Luz is a founder and the General Director of Gestluz Consulting, founder and associate-partner of Designarte – Image and Communication and founder and associate of FluidInova. President of Invicta Angles – Business Angels Association of Porto, Vice-President of FNABA – National Federation of Business Angels Associations and Vice-President of Old Students Association of the Economy Faculty of Porto. He is graduated in Economy, from University of Porto, post-graduated in Political Journalism by Catholic University and Master in Sustainability Design by the Cranfield University, UK.
  • Ruth Pereira
    Ruth Pereira is a biologist and assistant researcher of CESAM & Department of Biology of the University of Aveiro. The Ecological Risk Assessment has been her main research area, and she is author of more than forty papers in international journals, supervisor of several Master Degree, PhD and Post Doctoral Students and coordinator of national and international projects. Since she believes that scientific knowledge should be made available to all citizens and that scientific competencies should be developed since basic school levels, Ruth Pereira has been engaged in the development, application and communication of experimental science and environmental education activities, in parallel with teachers training. To better accomplish her objectives she created the Journal CAPTAR
  • Ana Vasconcelos
    “Today I fell I am a warrior. I am a rebel with a cause, fighter by vocation. Ambitious when it comes to challenges, I know that passion leads to the action, and that is why I believe that we can build happiness. My hands are what my ideas want them to be, weather to create, or to search for smiles. People say I am a hairdresser, but many know who Ana is. I was a child, with dreams of a child, but I have always been finding my way, and when I did not find one, I created another. I have never given up. It has been 20 years since the beginning of this “journey”, and 20 more years from here, I will be here to proof that I knew how to create other paths."
  • Alex Vasconcelos
    Short bio of this speaker"Today I am a curious to know myself better. I am a dreamer because I want to be one. I am passionate by vocation, in love with life, life that is as I believe it will be. I live for and because of people, people being motivated to never stop changing and evaluating. As my tool I use my hands, they are the translator of my thoughts and emotions. Some say I'm a hairdresser, others say I'm Alex. Once I was a young man with some knowledge and I add to it the willingness to learn and the will to practice. I started 15 years ago what I do now. In 15 years I will be better in what I believe.”
  • Andre Rabanea
    He changed Sao Paulo for Lisbon when he was 21. Soon he opened the first “guerrilla marketing” agency in Portugal – Torke!. In five years he founded three new companies of non traditional advertising, one trend research company and opened Torke in Istanbul. Besides, he is a creator and organizer of Croquette Awards, the first festival of alternative marketing in the world. He writes a blog:

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Aveiro Expo
R. D. Manuel da Almeida Trindade
Aveiro, 3810-488
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