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Bonn, Germany
May 25th, 2013

About this event

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxYouth@BIS is a local, self-organized event that brings youth together to share ideas and spark conversations that matter.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Paul Appel
    Paul Appel, is a native German and has lived in Germany since his birth but has travelled to all five continents visiting a big variety of countries. Paul discussed how social networks have influenced our world drastically and have helped to make our planet a better place.
  • Alexander de Silva
    Alexander de Silva, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in America but has lived in Germany for ten years. He is sporty, active and enthusiastic. This is his first year at BIS. Alexander doesn't find it fair that in some parts of the world women don't have education and men do.
  • Harsha Pillai
    Harsha Pillai, is Indian, however she was born in Switzerland. She came to Bonn in 2000, and started attending Bonn International School in EL4, at the age of 3. Growing up in a multicultural environment, she met many students with different backgrounds, different ethnicities, and different personalities. All of them had different stories to tell. She became interested in the topic of bullying when she entered 6th grade, however became more interested in another perspective of bullying: what happens in the bullies’ minds and what gives them the urge to do what they do. In her talk, she discusses about how students learn to be internationally open-minded.
  • Chawisa (Mimi) Staman
    Chawisa Staman (Mimi), was born in Nakhonrachasima, Thailand; moved to Tennessee; and again to Germany. She loves art, music, and sports. Her experience of traveling many difference places in both Asia and Europe has given her sensations of experiencing differences culture. In her previous school, she saw many experiences of her peers losing their native language. She explored why the word “international” resulted with many people forgetting their native language.
  • Rahnya Taghi
    Rahnya Taghi, is your typical third culture kid. Rahnya is Australian-Moroccan. She and her co-presenter, Mimi, met in Germany and converse in English. This just shows how this amazing world is connecting more and more every day. But what is being normal, no matter where you are in the world? Rahnya realises how international this world is becoming, and wants to share her opinion in the future, because she is sure that it will become very important, if not already.
  • Kwangmin Lee
    Kwangmin Lee, began his interest in nuclear energy when he recently came to realize the disparity between opinions about nuclear energy. Furthermore, he discovered this is not only for the field of nuclear energy, but all over the world. His talk examines why we should question opinions and address misconceptions.
  • Duncan Page
    Duncan Page, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When he was one year old, he moved to Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A. and spent 3 years there before returning to Edmonton in 2003. He, then, moved to a small town called Sulmona in the Abruzzo region of Italy in 2007. Three years later, he came back to Canada before moving to Bonn last October. While in Italy he learned some Italian, studied French in Canada for two years and is now trying to learn German. He enjoy music and playing the violin, the alto saxophone and a little bit of the guitar. He is currently involved in the BIS band, the BIS Secondary Strings Ensemble, The Cobalt Blues band and the BIS Model U.N.. His interests include listening to music, traveling, creating models and drawing. He also enjoys meeting new people and learning about other cultures.
  • Krupha Vetriselvan
    Krupha Vetriselvan comes from India. She has been living in Bonn since 2005, and started going to Bonn International School in Grade 2. Prior to Grade 2, Krupha lived in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up in schools with diverse cultures and experienced cultural bullying at a very young age. Krupha cares about how we can learn to overcome prejudice and celebrate diversity.
  • Dalila David van der Ree
    Dalila David van der Ree is eleven years old and came to Bonn, Germany when she was four years old. She began attending Bonn International School at the age of seven, after being heavily bullied at a previous school. Dalila has learned many lessons since then and was able to turn such a traumatic event into a learning experience. She learned that it is not only our experiences that make us who we are, but also our choices in how we react to those experiences. Dalila has created a song that expresses her journey and how this has shaped who she is today.
  • Chris Mueller
    Chris Muller is the Director of the Bonn International School e.V. in Germany. He was born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, and now calls Cape Town, South Africa, home. Prior to Bonn, he was Director of the American International School of Lusaka in Zambia. Before that, he held leadership positions at the United Nations International School in New York, the American International School of Bucharest in Romania, and the International School of Tanganyika in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He also taught at the International School of Paris in France, as well as at schools in London and Cape Town. Chris completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cape Town, his M.Ed. at the College of New Jersey in the U.S. and recently completed his Ed.D. at Columbia University Teachers College in New York. He has a particular interest in defining and promoting internationalism in international schools.
  • Martin Frick
    Ambassador Dr. Martin Frick is the Representative of Germany to the International Organisations based in Germany, including the Secretariats of the UN convention to combat climate change, UNFCCC, and the UN Convention to Combat desertification, UNCCD. He was E3G's Programme Leader for Climate Diplomacy from November 2010 to June 2012. Martin has been a German diplomat since 1996. He served as the German representative for human rights and humanitarian affairs at the United Nations General Assembly from 2005 to 2007. In 2007, during the German EU presidency, Martin negotiated on behalf of the European Union key elements of the UN Human Rights Council, including the Universal Periodic Review. He also negotiated resolutions on the Right to Development and on the human rights situation in Darfur. Prior to his work in New York, Martin served as Consul and as Deputy Ambassador in Albania from 1999-2002. From 2002-2005 he was the Cabinet Affairs Advisor to German Federal Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. Between 2007-2010 he was Deputy CEO/Director of the Global Humanitarian Forum, a Geneva based foundation set up by former UN-Secretary General Kofi Annan. From the early days of this foundation Martin formed the content and strategic orientation of the Forum’s work. Martin has a PhD in Law from Regensburg University, and a diploma in International Relations from SciencePo Strasbourg, France. He is a senior fellow at Demos, New York.
  • Babak Behbahanian
    Babak is a senior at Bonn International School and a consumate pianist. We are excited to have him preform an original piece for the TEDxYouth@BIS 2013 Event.

Venue and Details

Martin-Luther-King-Straße 14
Bonn, 53175

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