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Theme: Expand your mind, change your world!

This event occurred on
June 29, 2013
12:00am - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

TEDxZemunED was held on June 29, 2013. At our unique event in Serbia, TEDxZemunED, through a combination of TED talks footage and talks delivered live, we wanted to start a comprehensive discussion, as well as connect people and facilitate debates in small groups. Thanks to TEDxZemunED, the citizens of Serbia, too, can now become members of the great TED education community and exchange knowledge, ideas and opinions with its other members.

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Zemun, Cara Dušana 34
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Education (What is this?)
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Dejana Popović and Milica Mešterović

Dejana Popović and Milica Mešterović will deliver an interesting talk about REMAKE – festival of creative innovations. Remake festival was founded by a group of friends who wanted an innovative approach to problems such as waste, consumption and production of an ever-increasing number of new products.

Nikola Jovanović

Since the start of his professional career, Nikola has worked in all three sectors, mostly in the fields of organizational and human resource development, socially responsible business and IT, Internet and social media. One of Nikola’s greatest passions is learning. After several years of trying to fit into the system and graduate, he decided to leave faculty altogether and go on learning what he wanted and saw as truly useful to him. In his talk, Nikola will tell us why he thinks it has been the greatest decision ever, why he did it and what his views on learning and the formal education system are.

Marko Radenković

Marko Radenković is one of the founders and organizers of numerous cultural events in the capital, such as: Festival of International Student Theater – FIST, the 45th October Salon, the 40th BITEF Festival, FIBA EuroBasket 2005 opening ceremony and annual Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics exhibition. Marko is the founder and general manager of the Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA (NEW SPARK). In this talk, he will present this platform for professional development, affirmation and strengthening of young industrial and furniture designers, architects, graphic designers, illustrators and all other young creatives from the graphic communications domain.

Nikola Mirčić

Nikola Mirčić has more than 20 years of sales and management experience, as well as more than 7 years of experience in leading trainings about leadership, communications and personal development. This talk, (Personal) Success Formula is for all of us who need to control personal success. The goal of the lecture is to reach simple rules that would give us a chance to be above average in the world where personal success is the only option we have.

Branislav Maričić

Since 1990, lecturer Branislav Maričić has organized more than 400 courses, workshops and seminars on self-development and self-discipline, fast and efficient reading and learning, development of good concentration, successful communication skills, leadership and principles of success, sales and realization of financial goals. In this talk, Branislav will point out the most frequent problems in studying and explain how you can overcome them.

Predrag Mitrović and Aleksandra Paladin

Doctor Predrag Mitrovic and musicologist Alexander Paladin, in their speech, will try to explain how music can be used as medication, in exactly the prescribed daily dose. The application of music therapy is present since ancient times. We can find it in the biblical sources, shamanistic rituals and theological literature. Healing by the music is present in all cultures throughout human history, until now. It is a discipline that accompanied the development of medicine from its beginnings. The application of music in medicine first was defined by the famous ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, physician and musicologist Pythagoras in the 6th century BC. He noted that "Music is good for the soul and healing to the body."

Igor Maksimović, Nina Miloš, Bogdan Jorgović-Pejić

This talk is presenting the project "Solidarna Klopica" (Solidarity Chow) - voted one of the top 10 humanitarian campaigns in Serbia - whose goal is to reduce the number of the hungry in our country through solidarity. The idea is that anyone who visits a bakery involved in this action can buy two or more products, take one, and leave the rest for those who cannot afford a meal. The campaign has been in motion in Serbia for three weeks; it started on the Facebook page of the volunteer initiator Kiosk Pages Balkan.

Marko Moračić

In his talk, he presents us the way our brain develops in the early years, what approach to learning is most convenient and efficient at which age, and how our best intentions can result in our children becoming bad students. We will talk about how everyone in our lives (parents, school teachers, professors, etc.) expected us to know how to learn, without anyone ever telling us how!

Velimir Dedić

elimir Dedić points out the relation that exists between knowledge of mathematics and success of society and individuals, as well as people’s common characteristics and principles of communication. He explains the reasons behind poor learning of mathematics, describes the “drama triangle” (model of dysfunctional communication and poor structuring of time as model of unsuccessful learning of mathematics), and presents ways in which these problems can be overcome.

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