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Theme: A Shrinking World

Durham, NC, United States
April 21st, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Sherryl Broverman
    Co-founder of Wiser. Professor at Duke University. Developer of HIV/AIDS Education programs in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa. Developed secondary school for girls in aforementioned countries.
  • Todd Sears
    Founder of the Out on the Street Campaign. Founded Coda LLC. Duke alum
  • Brian OliverSmith
    Durham native. Founder of Urban Planet Mobile, a company that has over four years of language lessons for 19 different languages, reaching over 200,000 people daily.
  • Mike Schoenfeld
    Keynote speaker. Vice President of Duke University. Organization advisor.
  • John Broadbent
    Duke student. Has dealt with a lifelong handicap after being born prematurely and with intestinal infections, all the while achieving success.
  • Shikha Nayar
    Shikha brings significant international experience to the table. A duke student, she has participated in DukeEngage in Calcutta, India, and study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born in Hong Kong, Shikha brings great perspectives about the nature of acclimating to different cultures.
  • Femi and Eric Sokoya and Scott, respectively
    These guys are Masters of Engineering Management candidates here at Duke. After working in an industry that vigorously pursues new knowledge and invention, these guys felt compelled to share with us what exactly an expert was, and wanted to introduce a new idea, the non-expert.
  • Rachel Lichte
    Founder of the clarity project, this Duke graduate student has tirelessly worked towards ending the conditions associated with conflict minerals in Africa.
  • Scott Huettel
    This professor at Duke University is an expert in the field of neuroeconomics, a field of study associated with determining the underlying brain mechanisms associated with the decisions we make on a daily basis.
  • Jia Jiang
    After hitting a financial roadblock in a pursuit of a startup venture in technology, Jia decided to adapt to being rejected. His campaign has touched thousands, and his story is inspirational.

Venue and Details

Schiciano Auditorium, Fitzpatrick Building
Duke University
Durham, NC, 27708
United States

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This event occurred in the past.
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