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This event occurred on
April 13, 2010
1:00pm - 9:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Los Angeles
United States

On April 13, 2010, the University of Southern California hosted the second annual TEDxUSC "Ideas Empowered" conference in the Bovard Auditorium. A sold out crowd of USC student, faculty, staff and community members, were immersed in a showcase of live talks, short films, interactive performances, technology demonstrations, TED 2010 talks and an interactive reception.

USC is committed to nurturing a culture of innovation on campus. As part of that
charter we challenge people with fresh thinkers and startling ideas. TEDxUSC creates a day of serendipity, presenting a wide range of new ideas from different disciplines, and unique opportunities for interesting people to connect with each other. Through this program USC has created an atmosphere for guests to check out from the day-to-day routine and enter an afternoon of intellectual adventure.

TEDxUSC is a self-organized, invitation only event featuring a fast-paced afternoon of rapid-fire stimulation and thought-provoking content.

Los Angeles
United States
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University (What is this?)
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Dr. David Agus

The 2009 GQ Magazine Rockstar of Science Award winner, David B. Agus, has been the founder of three successful technology and wellness companies, and served as research director for the world-renowned cancer and applied proteomics research centers. The future of technology in healthcare is inevitable, as are technological methods to cure cancer that are being researched at USC.

Johanna Blakely

As the Deputy Director of the Norman Lear Center (a media-focused think tank at the University of Southern California) Johanna Blakley spends much of her time exploring how our entertainment interacts with our political, commercial and social habits. She is especially interested in the surprising impact of intellectual property rights on innovation, organizing conferences around the lack of creative ownership in fashion as well as technology and the ownership of creative content. Blakley has worked across a huge variety of media platforms -- producing for the web on a large scale, conducting gaming research, coordinating events for film festivals and executing consumer research on entertainment and politics. Drawing on this vast body of experience, she also lectures at USC and helped develop their masters program in Public Diplomacy.

Jeb Corliss

BASE-jumper Jeb Corliss thinks nothing of jumping off bridges, cliffs, or the tallest buidling int he world. What was once a hobby has turned him into an expert of harnessing fear; it's a journey that has taken him to 16 countries across 5 continents and has seen him do over 1000 fixed object jumps. In a surprise Q&A at TEDxUSC 2010, watch Corliss as he dons his wingsuit and takes a death-defying flight along the buttresses of the Matterhorn and talk about why harnessing our fear will lead to success.

Peter Erskine

Erskine has played the drums since the age of 4 and is known for his versatility and love of working in different musical contexts. Instrumental in the establishment of the pioneering Roland Drumlab at USC, Erskine sets a historical overview of the drums at TEDxUSC 2010. Demonstrating the role of rhythm in popular music and discussing the value of the spaces between notes as well as communication through percussion. Erskine was joined on stage by several students to give the attendees a peek into the future of drumming.

Paul Frommer

Whether you are communicating with a comely blue soul mate on Pandora or chatting up a potential date here on "Rrta (Earth), expressing your ardor in Na'vi is bound to earn you points. And by learning a few useful phrases, you can discover some things about language along the way. Paul Frommer, the linguist who developed the Na'vi language for James Cameron's groundbreaking film "AVATAR," is Professor of Clinical Management Communication at the USC Marshall School of Business. in 2005, Frommer was hired by Cameron to develop an entirely new language for the Na'vi, the indigenous race of humanoids on the moon Pandora. In addition to determining the sound system and grammar of the language, he constructed vocabulary and translated the Na'vi dialog not only for "Avatar" itself but also for related video games.

Dr. Maja Mataric

During her talk, Dr. Maja Mataric demonstrates how these non-contact robots can serve as coaches, motivators, and companions for a variety of populations with special needs, including the elderly, stroke patients, children with autism spectrum disorders, and many others. Dr. Mataric is Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Research Computer Science at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Her research has lead to the creation of robots with the potential to deliver personalized and engaging care through one-on-one dedicated interaction. Along the way, these human-robot studies have been teaching her fascinating insights about personality, mood, and the art of persuasion.

Marilyn Flynn and Skip Rizzo

Of the more than 1.6 million men and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly one-third are expected to return with disabling combat stress disorders that may affect some for a lifetime if left untreated. Through and unlikely marriage of social work and cutting edge technology, the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and the USC School of Social Work are revolutionizing the training methods for a new generation of mental health professionals, shifting the way clinicians learn to interact with their patients. Introduction: Marilyn Flynn, Dean, USC School of Social Work Virtual Reality Demonstration: Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Research Scientist, USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Dr. Nicholas Patrick

As one of the few who have had the opportunity to see Earth from space, Dr. Nicholas Patrick has a totally different perspective. As he should, he’s logged over 630 hours in space. At TEDxUSC 2010 Dr. Patrick shared his unique perspective acquired through space travel, and the importance of turning “nuisance into opportunity” to address today’s challenges. An astronaut, flight instructor, and engineer, Dr. Patrick was educated at Cambridge University and MIT, and has worked for several large aerospace companies. An astronaut since 1998, Dr. Patrick flew previously on STS-130, aboard Endeavour and STS-116, aboard Discovery.

Adam Sadowsky

What does it take to turn a vague, fanciful notion -- with a million specific requirements -- into a working reality? At TEDxUSC 2010, Adam Sadowsky shared a behind the scenes look at the inspiration, design, build, and operation of the celebrated Rube Goldberg Machine his team built for the OK Go music video, “This Too Shall Pass.” During this talk, he reveals some of the insights he gained while building this machine, as well as what the experience taught him about approaching all of life’s challenges – big and small. Adam Sadowsky has been fascinated by the way things work since he was a child, taking apart the family phone at age 9. He applies that curiosity and love of technology as the President of Syyn Labs, a collective of artists who use technology and applied physics to create mind-bending, visually interesting, interactive experiences. Most recently, he and the Syyn Labs team were responsible for building the Rube Goldberg Machine featured in the highly acclaimed music video for OK Go, "This Too Shall Pass". An entrepreneur with experience in a broad range of industry sectors, Adam has been involved in the early stages with companies in software, product design, video games, genetics research and online auctions. Adam is also the COO of Mindshare.LA, a monthly event in Downtown LA fashioned after the TED conferences.

Dr. Leslie Saxon

Dr. Leslie Saxon is Chief of Cardiology at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. As an interventional electrophysiologist, Saxon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias and heart failure with wearable and implantable-networked devices. Saxon's research at USC will make USC one of the leading world centers in the field of body computing and networked communications to improve the patient experience and health care outcomes.

Al Seckel

Cognitive neuroscientist Al Seckel, formerly of the California Institute of Technology, is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on visual and other sensory illusions. In a transformative talk, Seckel discusses the underlying mechanisms and frameworks of perception, and how they give rise to different systems of belief.

Daniel Seddiqui

CEO and Founder of Living the Map "Semester of Careers" and author of upcoming book "50 Jobs in 50 States," Daniel Seddiqui confronted head-on the recent economical challenges and embarked on the journey of his life. Living The Map is the story of a man helping Americans understand each other and making us aware of opportunities that exist in the United States.

Michael Yap

Michael Yap is Deputy CEO at the Media Development Authority of Singapore. He is also Executive Director of the Interactive Media (IDM) Programme Office, responsible for driving the national IDM R&D agenda. Given a $500M budget three years ago, Yap was challenged to redesign Singapore through new media and technology. At the helm of this grand experiment, he has discovered that new media isn't just a burgeoning industry worth exploiting, but is a basis for imminent tectonic shifts in everything from communication, education, infrastructure, and culture.

Boom Boom Boom

At TEDxUSC 2010 Boom Boom Boom ended the program and excited the audience with an interactive performance of ‘Margie,’ the story of a strong woman from Washington D.C who grew up on the streets. Lead by the group on stage, the audience clapped, stomped and snapped through the performance. Participating in Margie’s journey as she uses her inner strength to overcome adversities in her life. Boom Boom Boom communicates Margie’s intentions and the admiration of her peers through this captivating acapella performance.

Lara Stein

Lara Stein is Director of Licensing for TED. During her short talk at TEDxUSC 2010, Stein captures the spirit of TEDx and offers special thanks to USC for piloting the first TEDx program, TEDxUSC, in 2009. The TEDx idea has spurred a surge of independence, inspiring people around the world to host their own events. Since the launch of the TEDx program in 2009, there have been events in over 70 countries, in more than 37 languages, seen across 100 university and college campuses, with countless attendees.

Peter Lee Johnson

Peter Lee Johnson is a Popular Music Performance student in the USC Thronton School of Music. A musical prodigy at the age of three, Peter has been performing since he was nine years old. As an accomplished musician, he has performed with artists such as Alan White (drummer for YES, John Lennon and Yoko Ono), Steve Miller, Lloyd Jones, and other outstanding musicians. Currently he is performing with "The Beat Advocate" and "The Luke Walton Band."

Organizing team

Wiefel Schreiber

Los Angeles, CA, United States