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Theme: Significance in Action: Inspired Learning

DeLand, FL, United States
March 15th, 2013

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About this event

Significance in Action: Inspired Learning challenges the speakers and the audience to think about revolutionary ways of learning - both in and outside the classroom. We then question how learning and being inspired calls one to action and eventually, to leading a significant life.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ben Collins
    Ben is the pastor of a local congregation, and Founder of Collective- an experimental alternative faith community in DeLand, FL. Part of the rich history of faith is that it's always being re-painted, re-interpreted, and fining new expression. When we break down the wall between critic and practitioner, and open the conversation and participation between the two, we will see the next great evolution of faith in our generation.
  • Kai Eckenrode
    A senior studying Communication & Media Studies, Kai also plays on the Men's Soccer team at Stetson University. Kai believes that feminism is for men, too. The socially constructed gender roles that we take for granted can largely affect how we view the world and what we value. By deconstructing mainstream notions of masculinity and examining male privilege in society, we can begin to work towards creating a more egalitarian society.
  • Mario Rodriguez
    How do I protect my Facebook privacy? What are some ways my Facebook privacy might be compromised? Is my online identity different from who I am IRL? Should I be concerned about identity theft or getting a job? Stetson University Professor of Communication and Media Studies Mario Rodriguez talks about his research on how college seniors strategically manage Facebook privacy as they approach the job market. He concludes that graduating seniors preoccupied with tagged photos may be missing the bigger picture for the future of online reputation: as information becomes increasingly integrated social networks like Facebook may exert a “chilling effect” on free expression, while Facebook itself is an “iceberg” of unseen personal data. Finally, college seniors expressed some awareness of having a “digital double” on Facebook, evidence, perhaps, of emergent forms of online (cyborg?) identity.
  • Luke Ford
    Inspired by Ken Robinson's "How Schools Kills Creativity," Luke discusses the importance of the imagination in learning and in the workplace: how it is the only natural resource we have that can solve the seemingly insurmountable problems we have facing us today, noting the difference between using logic to solve problems and using the imagination. Luke is a sophomore in the Stetson Honors Program and he studies Philosophy.
  • Andy Dehnart
    Andy Dehnart’s writing and criticism about television, culture, and media has appeared on NPR and in Playboy, The Daily Beast, and other publications. A member of the Television Critics Association, Andy publishes and writes, which has, since 2000, offered his analysis and reporting on reality TV. Andy, 35, directs the journalism program at Stetson University in Florida, where he teaches creative nonfiction and journalism. He has an M.F.A. in nonfiction writing and literature from Bennington College. Andy is also an improviser who is a member of the Lab Rats and Gen S improv comedy ensembles at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Fla.
  • Steven Carrillo
    Steven Carrillo is the founder of Anonymous Champion and he is a motivational speaker who aims to help troubled youth by guiding them to realize their potential. He wants to promote a culture of inspired, diverse and constant learning by demonstrating that every person you encounter in this world has a story and in doing so has a lesson you can learn. With a moment of music (and dancing) Steven will illustrate the significance of every person in this world and how every story leaves behind a legacy.

Venue and Details

Allen Hall, Stetson University
421 N Woodland Blvd
DeLand, FL, 32723
United States

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Michelle Vergara
Deland, FL, United States

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