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Theme: Global challenges, local solutions

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
July 4th, 2013

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About this event

Our theme for this year's edition of TEDxBeloHorizonte is "Living With Uncertainty". With the global consciousness shift manifesting in protest around the world and in Brazil, this theme could never be more timely.

For our TEDxBeloHorizonteSalon we will examine this theme through the subset of "Global Challenges, Local Solutions."

This Salon event will bring together entrepreneurs, experts and trendsetters to showcase outstanding and innovative local solutions to global challenges. Our speakers will present how their ideas and networks are transforming uncertainties and working for a better society.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Erika Foureaux
    Erika is the founder of Noisinho da Silva, an NGO which promotes the inclusion of children with disabilities through education. She also founded Rede Folha de Empreendedores Socioambientais and Movimento Dignidade and is an Ashoka Fellow.
  • Fred Paulino
    Fred is a computer scientist, visual artist, and designer who formed and directed the creative collectives Mosquito and Osso Design. Today he coordinates the Coletivo Gambiologia (Gambiologia Collective), which develops electronic devices inspired by the "Science of Gambiarra" (the science of makeshift improvisation) and organizes workshops in Brazil and abroad. He was also the founder and curator of the exhibition "Gambiólogos - The Gambiarra in Digital Times" (2010) and he currently edits the Facta - Journal of Gambiologia.
  • Marco Tùlio Paolinelli
    Marco is the president of Agronelli, the founder of Agronelli Institute for Social Development (Iades), and patron of Projeto Produtor de Águas. In 2011, he received the Mérito Industrial award from FIEMG, and the following year was honored by the Associação Lucchesi Nel Mondo and the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Flávio Mourão Passos
    Trained as a journalist, Flávio is co-founder of the company Bacia Viva (Basin Life), an eco-business that makes floors and pavements from the sedimented tailings of mineral extraction. The initiative originated from his dream to revitalize the Alegria Creek of the Macacos Basin.
  • Guilherme Vasconcelos
    Architect, urban planner, founder of GUIV Architecture, and Professor of Architecture at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Guilherme Vasconcelos is one of the creators of the project "Praca na Rua" (square in the street). The project proposes mapping routes through the city of Belo Horizonte that can be transformed into spaces that favor transit of convivial persons over the traffic of cars and other vehicles, and the subsequent production of these spaces. It seeks to achieve this by engaging residents of these streets in the entire production process: from the identification of pathways through to design and ultimately to their deployment.

Venue and Details

FIEMG Auditorium
Av. do Contorno, 4456 - Funcionários
Belo Horizonte, 30110-028
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J. Adam Huggins
Belo Horizonte, Mg, Brazil

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Natália Menhem
Organizer / TEDxAmbassador South & Latin America
Augusto Barros
Valentina Vandeveld Bernardi
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Event Design
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