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Theme: Where Ideas and Action Collide

This event occurred on
March 15, 2013
5:30pm - 8:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Chicago, IL
United States

Join us for a night where young people from Chicago Public Schools, not only share the issues they care about, but also the innovative solutions they plan to impact the world with.

Carver Military Academy
13100 South Doty Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60827
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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CMA Students

Our live speakers are creative. They are passionate. They are optimistic. They are realistic. They are honest. They are inquisitive. They are Chicago. Our live speakers will be the students of Carver Military Academy. They are identified on charts and graphs as: 14 to 18 years old, 97% low income, 25.7% meeting and exceeding state tests, 47.8 % Hispanic, 50.3% Black, 1.3% White. These students will speak to the importance of particular community and social issues based on their own inquiry, investigation and interests. TEDxCarverMilitaryAcademy will be the megaphone through which their voices are heard.

Brandon Harris

A young man with BIG dreams, and LITTLE hope in his society. Poetry is his passion. Football is his sport and success is what he strives towards everyday he continues this long journey called life! #IamSomebody

Cheyenne Riley

Cheyenne Malika Riley is a 16 year old student born and raised in Chicago. Cheyenne has been writing since she was 2. She has never wrote a book, but she reads many. She has 8 siblings and is auntie of 2. She has won many different writing contests and is a proud cheerleader. Cheyenne has big goals of putting an end to child abuse and owning her own billion dollar business.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a caring person; she would like to change the lives of many. She has been through struggle and knows how it feels to be at your lowest point. Jessica believes that is where the real journey begins in order to make real change happen. She enjoys giving off the vibe that there is hope and more to life than we think. If she can stop poverty, so can you.

Brandon Weathers

A person who believes in poetic justice, not the justice system of the streets. Football and the support of some of his immediate family is what pushes him to thrive for excellence. Big-hearted and opened minded are the main ways to describe Brandon Weathers.

Mariel Villa

A girl who grew up in Chicago as a quiet reader, a determined writer and has hope to become a confident speaker and an inspiring thinker. A sophomore at Carver Military Academy who has been on both the honor roll and ranked top 10 for 2 years. She’s a dreamer like many, but has one important dream that she wants to share at this TED event. Mariel hopes to end teen suicide, not just teen suicide in general but the sadness that kills teens today and for the ones tomorrow.

Jakin Esquivel

Her head is always in the clouds though her feet are on the ground. Jakin Esquivel was always the girl who loved to read and write even when she couldn’t read and write. She loves writing poetry, even when the words don't rhyme. She was always the smallest in her class, but she knew that how tall she was didn’t define how successful she could be in life. She knows the pain and struggle of losing someone dear to your heart. Her dreams of becoming a doctor and saving lives is just the big picture. Trying to help end teen suicide is just a step closer in her realizing her dream. Trying to gain the voice, to speak the words unspoken and take on the world with her eyes wide open.

Brianna Seals

Brianna Seals is a student at Carver Military Academy. While growing up, music and art have always been with her. She is known for her art of work, passion for music and fine art and enjoys helping others solve their problems. At a very young age, she learned how to play the keyboard and taught herself to draw in hopes of becoming a professional artist. With that being said, she is creative, a dreamer, a musician, and a tinker that hopes to impact the violence that affects her Chicago community.

Marisela Llamas

Marisela Llamas was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. Ever since she was small, she questioned her surroundings and grew curious of what lied ahead. She hopes that one day she will be something important, someone that sets an example and changes the lives of people. Every accomplishment made was always in honor of her parents and making her parents proud is her number one priority. At age 16, thinking outside the box is at the top of her list especially when it comes to solving the increasing trend of bullying.

Lourdes Bustos

Lourdes is a 15 year old girl who is a passionate gymnast and tumbler. She is an honors student and is head of her school’s student council. She is also a youth group leader and has dreams of attending Brigham Young University to fulfill her goal of becoming a pediatrician. She loves going to concerts, meeting new people and finding ways to provide clean water for all.

Suezzet Diaz

Suezzet is a very intelligent and outspoken young lady. She is in love with music because music knows how she feels. Suezzet has big dreams that only she could dream. "It is not what you will be in life but who you will be in life," is what she believes.

Sal Unzueta

Just another teen in Chicago, born on April 30th, 1997 and raised by a loving family.

Bobby Brown

Organizing team


Riverdale, IL, United States


  • Ryan Dooley, Christina O'Leary
    Chicago Public School Teachers
  • Carver Students
    Tech Support/ Stage Crew