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Theme: This Way Up

This event occurred on
August 28, 2013
10:00am - 5:00pm AEST
(UTC +10hrs)
St Leonards, NSW

Aspiration and strength can be the key to success, but with it comes the fragility and vulnerability involved with putting everything on the line to pursue a dream.

This Way Up is about people who have found their own way to the top, about people who have braved new ground and found ways through that are a little bit different, and often against the odds.

The explosion of new technology will propel us all down roads less travelled, learning in ways we haven’t even realised are possible and planning for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

There’s no right way up; there’s just THIS WAY UP.

Cameraygal Building
Learning & Innovation Campus Northern Sydney Institute
213 Pacific Highway
St Leonards, NSW, 2065
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University (What is this?)
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Tim Ferguson

As Australia’s foremost academic teacher of narrative comedy who came to notoriety as part of the Doug Anthony Allstars comedy trio, Tim explains why the writing establishment erroneously regards comedy as an inferior craft to drama and tragedy. (Not a single Miles Franklin Awards has gone to a comedy.) Ferguson claims our modern literature and screenwriting is ‘lost in a miasma of misery-porn’. Most Australian writers are ignorant of the fundamental demands of the writing craft, a deficit that renders them unread, unappreciated and broke. Combining Ancient Greece, Western culture and Australia’s recent history he explains the entrenched imbalance between these two and how narrative comedy is the world’s highest and lowest writing form.

Dr Duane Hamacher

Indigenous Australians have detailed and complex traditions about the sun, moon, and stars that reveal a deep intellectual knowledge that stretches back more than 50,000 years. Navigating the boundaries between Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science, can show how these ways of understanding the natural world are beneficial to both. A trained astrophysicist, Dr Duane Hamacher is a lecturer in the Nura Gili Indigenous Centre at the University of New South Wales. After studying planets orbiting other stars for two years, his interest in the crossroads of science and culture was too great and he decided to complete a PhD in Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University studying Aboriginal astronomy.

Marisol Miró Quesada

Marisol has been given a unique motivator: the ability to see and feel instantly the effects that certain environmental factors have on her body. Due to her hypersensitivity she is forced to confront regularly the invisible interactions between ourselves and the world around us. Her newly discovered relationship with the environment has become the foundation for her life and work with which she inspires people to change their lifestyle. Marisol’s search for a deeper understanding of people-environment interactions continues to take her through a journey of experimentation linking professions like architecture, design, sustainable development and business, all of which she channels into fostering personal and community change through nurturing and sustaining our environment. She was awarded 2013 NSW International Student of the Year for her outstanding contribution to the NSW community.

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer is a Director of The Project Factory, a producer of creative transmedia projects across web, mobile, social media, games and virtual worlds. Jennifer is the author of several books and papers exploring the digital space: actively encouraging the telling stories through digital. She also works on digital solutions in the health and wellness space to help support positive behavioural change.

James Bradfield Moody

James is the founder and CEO of TuShare, a company with a vision of creating the world’s largest community of sharers to help all household items reach their full lifespan. He was previously Executive Director, Development at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation where he was responsible for CSIRO’s client engagement, international development and futures unit. James sits on the Advisory Board of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the board of the Australian Indonesia Institute and the Australian Museum. He is passionate about science communication and was a regular panelist on the ABC TV television program The New Inventors and the co-author of the best-selling book The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World.

Andrew Levins

Andrew Levins is a founder of the charity Heaps Decent, an Australian-based initiative working with young people and emerging artists from marginalised and disadvantaged communities, providing a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Heaps Decent runs hip hop workshops across NSW with young people from the ages of 5 to 21. Andrew is also the head chef and co-owner of The Dip at Goodgod Small Club in Sydney. He is a prominent Australian club DJ, radio host and music event promoter. In 2009 Andrew was named one of Sydney’s 100 most influential people by the Sydney Morning Herald and in 2012 he released his first cookbook, Diner.

Jude Reggett

Jude Reggett advises in the area of workforce development and is currently practicing as a clinical psychotherapist as well as being accredited in Change Management and Team Management Profiling. She has had 15 years’ experience with Northern Sydney Institute, with eight of those years working in Senior Educational Roles. Jude currently lives in Sydney and has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe.

Prof John Pegg

John Pegg is Professor and foundation Director of the SiMERR National Research Centre at the University of New England, Armidale. He is known for his contribution to theory-based cognition research in assessment, and his ongoing work in and commitment to improving the learning outcomes of learners in rural and regional Australia. He has been involved in many recent large-scale projects linked to: state-wide diagnostic testing programs in science, developmental-based assessment and instruction, the validation of the Australian Professional Teaching Standards, the ÆSOP study investigating faculties achieving outstanding student-learning outcomes, and national and international research into teacher career stages and quality teacher assessor training. He has strong links with schools, professional teaching associations, and educational authorities in Australia and overseas, being used as a research consultant in improving teaching practice in schools, professional development of teachers and syllabus development.

Olivia Loadwick

Olivia Loadwick is an Executive Director at Pottinger, a leading corporate advisory firm. As an investment banker Olivia has worked on a number of high profile M&A deals across the healthcare, financial services, technology, energy & resources and retail sectors in the Australian market. Her experience spans mergers & acquisitions, strategy, capital management, equity capital markets and corporate governance.She has studied widely across disciplines and her background in international relations, finance and technology has given her a unique perspective that she is now using to contribute in the not-for-profit sector. Olivia has a passion for development and outside of Pottinger is a strong contributor to the work of Habitat for Humanity Australia, most recently serving as Chair of Habitat Women. Olivia is also the co-founder of the Glass Elevator, a non-profit initiative focussed on building the pipeline of female talent and supported by Australia’s largest organisations. Olivia is also the immediate past Vice President of Women in Banking and Finance, a non-profit association contributing to the professional development of women in the banking and finance industry. Olivia is also the immediate past Chair of the Finance, Risk and Governance Sub Committee.

Hamish Hawthorn

Hamish has served as the CEO of ATP Innovations since 2007. His extensive business networks span all areas of technology, and he has a proven track record in building early-stage businesses. He has led capital raisings and strategic investments for a number of companies and serves on the boards of several portfolio businesses. Prior to joining ATP Innovations in 2005, Hamish held senior roles in business development and strategy. Hamish is a Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales and was the recipient of the Faculty Entrepreneur Award in 2009. Through his role at ATP Innovations, Hamish has had the fortune of working with many entrepreneurs and founders of startup companies, guiding them toward the achievement of their vision, and has seen the incredibly positive impact that comes from a strong and enduring mentor relationship.

Dr Fiona Chatteur

Dr Fiona Chatteur (nee Kerr) hails from a far away valley called Tidbinbilla. A place known for kangaroos, emus and a deep space tracking station. An unrepentant renaissance woman, she specializes in all things visual: 3D modelling and animation, graphic design, VJing, games design, video editing, visualisation, web production, user interface design and particularly e-learning. She is currently teaching digital media and games artistry. She had a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing, a Masters of Design Science (hons) and has a PhD in Design for Pedagogy Patterns for E-learning. A member of a Logie and Walkley award winning team for TV Journalism (1991), she changed careers and has since won the Royal Television Society Educational Television Awards Lifelong Learning and Multimedia Award (UK 2005) and Grand Prix Japan The Maeda Prize (2004) as well as being the producer of a record breaking website for the BBC (2002). With 8 published video games to her name, 6 years of international e-learning production, 5 years of teaching and 12 years of TV production, in 2012 she added a PhD in the design of e-learning to her international multi-award winning profile.

Philip Porter

Philip Porter is a poet from Willoughby in NSW with a long held passion for learning and sharing knowledge. He has been a writer his whole life but only started studying poetry four years ago and is now completing a MA in creative writing at Sydney University. He has been published in Eucalypt (Australia), Blue Collar Review (USA) and the online Zen magazine, TheZenSite. Recently his poem, Cathusian Silence was put to music by composer Owen Salome and performed as part of Chronology Arts’ Lyrebird project. As a follow up to his stint as ‘poet in residence’ under the aegis of Australian Poetry, Philip organises a community poetry project in a Sydney cafe featuring established and up and coming poets.

Claire Hooper

After spending most of her early twenties longing to be taken seriously, Perth-born Claire finally discovered stand up comedy in 2003 and a career was born. She was team leader from 2008-2011 on Good News Week, as well as appearing on shows such as The Sideshow (ABCTV), The Great Debate (10) and 7 Days (NZ’s TV3). She has also written and performed seven full-length comedy shows and is a regular on stand up stages around Australia. And for your reading pleasure, some of the other credits that rarely make it into her bio: several years spent working as a theatre costumer, qualifications in garden design and a Westpac Maths Prize in 1993. She is also active in supporting a number of charities, including international anti-poverty organization Actionaid and Melbourne’s The Lost Dogs Home. Finally, she is thrilled to announce that she is not on Facebook or Twitter, although can’t guarantee she can hold out forever. (Ed's note: Claire can now be found on Twitter at @HooperFables)

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