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Theme: Unleash Brilliance

This event occurred on
August 17, 2013
10:00am - 3:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Lincoln, NE
United States

Unleash Brilliance was our theme. We had 27 presentations as part of this exciting program. Go to our main website for a list of speakers and other details.

Lincoln High School
2229 J Street
Lincoln, NE, 68510
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Sarah Hove

In this talk, Sarah, a 2013 high school graduate, speaks about bullying, and her idea of what being beautiful really means. She performs her slam poem, “Something Beautiful” and then talks about what occurred to her after she performed this poem at her high school talent show. She discusses embracing the challenges that led her to perform this again on the TEDxYouth@Lincoln stage.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is an 8th grader at Irving Middle School, and her passion is food. Sarah talks about the project that she engineered to bring an entirely local foods lunch to her middle school.

Vijay Olander

In his talk, Vijay tells the story of life with his family in India, and the circumstances that led him to live in an Orphanage there. He discusses making the transition to a middle class family in the US, and how his love of dancing and teaching became a way for him to give back. He shares how the role humility has played in his life has led him to success.

Claire Wilkinson

Claire is a senior at Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, NE. She talks about her journey of overcoming intense fear to perform on stage and pursue her passion for music, and then she sings the song that convinced her it was time to get back up on the stage and pursue her dream.

Tianye Chen

Tianye Chen, a senior at Lincoln East high school in Lincoln, Nebraska and the director of LPStudentServe is a self proclaimed nerd and community service advocate. In this talk, Tianye discusses the future of Metal Organic Frameworks, a promising type of nano material in the field of environmental technology and tells us how she envisions our future using nanotech in our everyday world.

Diane Choi

With the death of her father came loss and heartache for Diane Choi and her family. She talks about how those events led her to find her passion in the world of art, and how she came to use it as therapy for her family and now many others who face difficult times. Diane is 12 years old and attends Scott Middle School in Lincoln, NE.

Luke Nispel

Luke is a recent high school graduate from Lincoln, Nebraska who is attending art school. He discusses influences in his life that helped him to find the path to art and gave him the confidence to succeed.

Landon Beard

Landon is a 16- year old senior at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Landon is very passionate about people being able to achieve their full potential through any medium. He speaks about unleashing brilliance through unseen potential, specifically tackling the issues surrounding the special education system in public schools.

Sarah DiMagno

Sarah DiMagno is a senior at Lincoln High School and a member of the International Baccalaureate program. As a Lincoln-Douglas debater, cellist, and active participant in Nebraska politics, she speaks to us about the effect tragic events have on children. She discusses why they can be harmful, and how those effects can be lessened, drawing from her personal experience as a five-year-old on September 11th, 2001. Sarah feels that this topic is especially important in the wake of recent tragedies and as media becomes more accessible to young children.

Sarah Jo Lambert

Sarah is 19, from Lubbock, Texas and is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her goal is to simply live passionately for everything and everyone. Here, Sarah speaks about how through her efforts to help others and take care of the world we live in, she was able to achieve her dream of running the Olympic torch at the 2012 games in London.

Sam Larson

Sam Larson is an adventurer, blogger, traveler, and wilderness survival aficionado with a passion to fight sex trafficking. In his talk, he tells us how he uses his passion to help others, through the lens of his involvement with Tiny Hands International, an organization that saves trafficked women and children all over the world.

Wyn Wiley

Wyn Wiley is 20 years old, was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and attends the University there. His creativity makes him an in-demand commercial and portrait photographer, but that’s not where his story begins. In his talk, Wyn discusses how he came to embrace the thing that made him different, and encourages us all to do the same.

Hunter Guru

Hunter, an 8th grader at Pound Middle School, dreams of a career in the medical field. In his presentation, Hunter speaks about computer science and nanotechnology becoming a key part of many fields, especially medicine. He will be sharing his thoughts on how these technologies will unleash brilliance in the future, and what it could mean to each of us.

Hasib Muhammad

Hasib Muhammad high schooler in Suwanee, GA. He is the Program Director of Greening Forward, the fastest-growing and largest youth-staffed environmental nonprofit organization in the world. He serves on The Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council and the Keep America Beautiful National Youth Advisory Council. In his talk, he discusses the importance of youth voice and developing it through passion - the dreaming and the doing.

Hung Vo

Hung Vo, a freshman at UNL, is working to empower young people to reach their potential. He was the 2011-2012 president of YouthInspire Foundation, and last year, he became the US chair of the International Youth Council. In his talk he discusses the United Nations’ Development Goals and how everyone can involve themselves in the international process to leverage change.

Jane Hirt

As Managing Editor of the Chicago Tribune, Jane Hirt has put a lot on the line. In her talk, she talks about risk. She tells us how taking risks has changed her life, and why it can change your life

Mike Smith

Founder of The Bay and Skate for Change. Mike is a professional speaker who encourages youth to make a difference. In his talk, he challenges both youth and adults to get ready for what this generation will bring to the table.

Mattie McIntosh

Mattie is a student at Lincoln Public Schools’ IT Focus Program. She created the short film “Fork Fling” and discusses what she learned with our Emcee Steve Joel, the Superintendent of Schools in Lincoln.

Ground Zero

The hip-hop dance group from Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Nebraska performs an entertaining series of dances.

Beauty and The Beat

Brennan Kolbo and DeWayne Taylor create a beautiful multidisciplinary piece as the beat boxer and dancer create their own synergy with music and dance.

King and The Composer

Ky Veney and Gabe Casper, a high school duo, perform their original electronic music, vocals and dance and get the audience pumped up.

eks Music Group

eks is made up of Katie Beecham (piano), Emma Goddard Harner (violin), and Sonja Rebarber (percussion), the youngest TEDxers on our stage, who traveled all the way from Sheridan Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska where they are rocking the 5th grade halls.

Lincoln High Slam Poets

This group of Slam Poets just started in 2012 and ended their year as state champions. Members Lillian Bornstein, Charlie Curtis-Beard, Reagan Myers and Paul Schack, make a big splash on the TEDxYouth@Lincoln stage as they perform their poem “Pause”.

Kokyo Taiko

Kokyo Taiko are Japanese Drummers who live in Lincoln, Nebraska. See their impressive drumming technique as you listen to their passionate performance of “Hakkai.” Members include: Maureen Brase-Houchin, Naoko Fujimoto, Lien Phan, Sylvia Hall, Julie Abo, Deb Sturgeon, Anh Nguyen

The Edge Dance Quartet

Watch these dancers from Crete, Nebraska as they beautifully perform their dance. Members include: Kassie Kent, Brennan Kolbo, Lindsey Turner, Jacee Weber.

Stuart Richey

Vocalist Stuart Richey and accompanist Alisa Belflower give a moving performance of this piece by Adam Gwon.

Kendall Reimer

This number is performed by Kendall Reimer, soprano, and Alisa Belflower, with piano music by Steve Marzullo and lyrics by Amelia DeMayo.

Brittany Leigh

Brittany Leigh is a singer-songwriter and composer from Lincoln, NE. Here she is performing her original song "Steady Me", with Kyle Downey on djembe and Lauren Bydalek singing backup vocals.

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Lincoln, NE, United States


Lincoln, NE, United States
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