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Theme: Seize The Moment

Newbury Park, CA, United States
December 1st, 2012

About this event

Students throughout the country are maturing into our next generation of leaders and innovators. Come meet some of the bright, talented minds that are helping put Conejo Valley on the map. At TEDxYouth@Conejo you'll hear from entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, and politicians on what makes them successful. You'll also hear some big, actionable ideas that you can take part in today. Come join the conversation on December 1st, 2012.

Confirmed Speakers

  • David Wise
    I want to break down certain aspects of the years following college graduation such as finding a job, deciding on a place to settle down, and even who to settle down with. I will do this at first by displaying certain sets of data that contribute to the decisions, but then I will go on to explain that every person's situation is different, and that in reality all of these factors culminate during certain pivotal moments in one's life. I will use real life examples such as interviews and stories in order to make this point.
  • Katie Owens
    On active listening and building quality relationships
  • Christopher James Lam
    Do Something That Scares You - Life Lessons learned from experience at the California Summer School for the Arts
  • Varun Bahl
    The Identity of a Generation
  • Cheyenne Moreau
    Learning Through Adversity
  • Sravya Sinagmpalli
    Vanquishing the Superiority Complex
  • Christine Smith
    True Life: I Have Curly Hair!
  • Danny Levy
    Sharks: Why We Need Them
  • Jaclyn Lee
    The Power of Not Thinking
  • Daniel Lacey
    Seize The Moment
  • Melinda Crown
    Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?
  • Brian Chang
    The Importance of Information
  • Michael Costigan
    An internationally acclaimed speaker, Michael is one of the nation's youngest CEOs who was recently named 'Young Business Leader of the Year' by the National Financial Educators Council. "I want teens to know that they can defy the odds, that they don't have to be their past mistakes, and that they can rise above anything life throws at them to help others and to live their dreams." -Michael Costigan Michael carries an utterly unique story to share. As a 13 year old, he set off to start his first business -- madƒusion. Written off and rejected by many for being too young or too inexperienced, he rose above skepticism to become what many said he never could. Now, years later, he strives to help teens face the very same issues he faced. Still young, he doesn't just relate to teens, he shares their experiences -- their insecurities, their struggles, and the reality of growing up today. "Nearly every teen is insecure about themselves and their future. I think it holds them back, I think it can sometimes be their biggest barrier." - Michael Costigan An active member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and iSafe America, Michael brings knowledge and first hand advice to every audience. Defined as a "Young Changemaker" by Youth Venture, a non-profit that supports teen ventures, Michael delivers a message that is down to earth, inspiring, and exhilarating. Michael has been featured by NPR,,, and Raising CEO Kids, as well as many other media outlets and publications. He's worked with groups of parents, educators, and non-profits to influence people from around the country to help teens lead their generation. And although he won't admit it, he's a huge nerd.

Venue and Details

Newbury Park High School Performing Arts Center
456 N. Reino Road
Newbury Park, CA, 91320
United States

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Don Levy
Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

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Dr. Laurie Looker
Career Education Coordinator/Westlake High School
Nick Colangelo
Career Education Coordinator/Newbury Park High School
Jane Carlson
Career Education Coordinator/Thousand Oaks High Schooll
Adam Protter
Audi Ho
Bryce Larson
Helene Grauer
Jason Russak
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