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Theme: Positive voice

Benha, Egypt
February 20th, 2013

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The key point of this TED session is nation-building. We have invited ideas from different schools of thought from around the globe that seek to develop a cohesive, global stance on the betterment of society. As we labor to fortify Egypt as a nation of united citizens, we stand in solidarity with the people of all nations, as we seek to "Be the change we want to see", (Ghandi).

As a continuously developing country, Egypt has a generous capacity for growth. We intend to liberate the untapped, humanistic potential that we desire to share with the world. Through our event, we wish to showcase the lives and experiences of some of the world's finest human rights activists, who's works have been successful in creating affirmative change through direct action and social justice. These individuals will offer their innovative notions and inspiring deeds to share with our Egypt, our nation of constant advanced education and spiritually enriching growth and potential.

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Venue and Details

Cultural palace kasr el thakafa
Suzan mubarak library

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Mohamed Ibrahim
Menouf, Egypt

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Hatem Shohdy
Mahmoud Fouad
talk team
Osama Saad