x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Knowledge. Creativity. Motion.

This event occurred on
December 22, 2012
4:00am - 4:00am MSK
(UTC +4hrs)

TEDxGymnasium1505 is an independently organized event in Gymnasium 1505, Moscow, Russia, a part of TED-movement.
Speakers and organizers of our conference are students of 6-10th grades.
The theme of our first conference is "Knowledge.Creativity.Motion."

Москва, 2-я Пугачевская улица, 6
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Varya Kupriyanova

Varya is 16 years old. She is keen on liberal arts and going to be a historian. She loves art in all its forms and she is good at photographing. She says, that most of all, she likes communicating, working with people. At TEDxGymnasium1505 she speaks about the importance of realizing your talents.

Dasha Antipova

Dasha is a student of 9th Grade. She is interested in different dancing styles, painting, and at school - biology, most of all. Dasha usually takes part in school events, and enjoys them very much. She thinks a lot about education in modern Russia and in her talk she points at the actual problems.

Anna Temnaya

Student of the 9th class, likes dancing, playing Hawaiian guitar (ukulele). She's working in the centre of world tea traditions, and studying economics at MSU. Anna organizes a New Year celebration for kids with Down syndrome at children's home and at our conference she is speakig about their problems and the ways we can support them

Alexei Makarov

Lesha is 14 years old, goes to 9th class. He is keen on theatre and chess, writes poems. He says he doesn't know his plans about future profession, and he wants to find something that will definitely suit him . At our conference he tries to explain the phenomenon of inspiration.

Evgenia Soboleva

Jenya is a student of 10th class at Gymnasium 1505 and she is also a graduate at Music School. She can sing and play piano, guitar and flute. Jenya wants to be a designer, but the most important, she says, she wants to make the world just a little better. At our conference Jenya speaks about the fascination of music and performs her favorite melody on flute.

Kate Dmitrieva

The student of 7th class at Gymnasium 1505 in Moscow. Kate likes active life, dances and sings with pleasure. Her favorite subjects at school are English and French. At our event she speaks about the use of learning foreign languages and, importantly, about the beauty and mystery of linguistics.

Liza Baulina

Liza goes to 9th class, and wants to be an artist in the future. She is fond of reading and telling stories by herself. Liza always has lots of ideas how to make life more interesting and shares them with pleasure. In her talk at TEDxGymnasium1505 she encourages us to be optimists and dream bigger.

Nastia Prutianova

Nastya was born in 2000 in Moscow. She wants to be an all-round person and goes to a guitar club, paints a lot, takes photos almost everywhere. Nastya says that she is happy to talk at our conference about the power of creativity and show us some of her works in painting.

Maria Akopian

Masha is 14 years old and she is keen on building machines and houses with construction toys, such as LEGO. She likes making things herself. At our conference she shows us an unusual robot and explains carefully how it works. (With Egor Ivkov)

Egor Ivkov

Egor goes to 8th class at Gymnasium 1505 in Moscow. He is good at programming. In his spare time, he likes to make engine models. At the conference Egor is talking about robots with Masha Akopyan

Vika Buyanovskaya

Vika is a student of 10th class. She is interested in literature, philosophy, sociology, modern art. She enjoys traveling and listening to music, dreams to be a writer. In her talk at the conference she speaks about the shape that creativity is taking nowadays and about her faith in progress.

Arseniy Buchatsky

Arseniy Buchatsky was born in Moscow in 2000. From childhood he likes making discoveries most of all, loves cats very much and also enjoys watching fantastic movies. He writes great articles for the school magazine in Gymnasium 1505. He's our youngest speaker at the conference.

Sergey Baranovskiy

Sergey Baranovskiy is a biology teacher and the director of theatre studio in Gymnasium 1505. He is an enthusiastic traveler and fisher, enjoys playing the guitar, writes stories and essays, which are actively read in the Internet and also published. At TEDxGymnasium1505 Sergey Baranovskiy tells us about the principles and paradoxes of life, that he has formulated as an Nanaian poet - it's his writer's role, which he calls he's second "Me".

Anna Nikitina

Nikitina Anna is a student in Gymnasium 1505. She has a dream: to become a professional artist. She is 15 years old but she works with adults as a designer and paints a lot. At TEDxGymnasium1505 Anna tells us about her dream and encourages her schoolmates to start making first steps in their future profession by now in their teens.

Organizing team


Moscow , Russian Federation
  • Evgeniy Roginskiy
  • Viktoria Buyanovskaya
    Project manager
  • Jenia Soboleva
  • Liza Baulina
  • Anna Temnaya
    General help
  • Varia Kupriyanova
  • Nastya Prutyanova
    Social networks
  • Anna Tarasenko