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This event occurred on
February 21, 2013
12:30pm - 7:30pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
İstanbul, 34

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Sabanci Gosteri Merkezi
Orhanli 34956 Tuzla Sabanci University
İstanbul, 34, 34956
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University (What is this?)
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Atilla Dorsay

Born in 1939 in İzmir. Graduated from the Galatasaray Lisesi and the Architecture faculty of the Mimar Sinan University. Started as a critic in 1966 at the Cumhuriyet daily where he wrote continously until 1993. Then he moved to Milliyet and Yeni Yüzyıl. Now he’s writing for Sabah. He published 48 books, mostly on cinema, eventually on İstanbul, travel impressions all over the world, popular music, Turkish food and recently short novellas and poems. These include “Cinema and our Epoch” (2 volumes), “Directors, Films, Countries” (2 volumes), “Artmakers in Cinema”, “The Book of Yılmaz Güney”, “The Prisoner of the Hyacinth Street” (A biography of the great Turkish star Türkan Şoray), “Years of Hope in our Cinema”, “Years of 12 September in our Cinema”, “The Fall and the Renaissance of the Turkish Cinema”, “The Winds of Change in Turkish Films”, “My Beyoglu”, “Bon Appetit”, “The Face of Ajda Pekkan”, “A 100 Directors of a 100 Years”, “A 100 Films of a 100 Years”, “The 150 Actors of a 100 Years”, “To Live the Epoch, to Demolish the Prejudices” (political writings), etc. Also published, with Turhan Gürkan, a Turkish and World Cinema Encyclopedia, founded and published the Seventh Art cinema magazine in the 70’s. Founder of SIYAD- The Turkish Association of Critics in the late 70’s, of which he is now the honorary president. Since 1985, has presented for many years classical films in the state TV culture channel. Among his awards: The Turkish Linguistic Association press award, the honorary awards of the Antalya, İstanbul, Eskişehir, Adana, İzmir festivals, of the Beykent University and the french Palmes Academiques prize, etc. Mr. Dorsay is among the founders, in 1982, of the İstanbul film festival of which he still is a counselor. He has served as a jury member in many festivals. He is married with two children and speaks english, french and italien.

Buker Uzuner

Buket Uzuner was born in Ankara in 3.10.1955, is an author of short stories, travelogues, and novels. Ms. Uzuner is trained as a biologist and environmental scientist. She studied and worked at universities in Turkey (Hacettepe and METU), Norway (U. Of Bergen), USA (U. Of Michigan) and Finland (U. ofTampere). Her books have been on the Turkish national best seller lists since 1992, and translated into eight languages, including English, Italian and Spanish, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Romanian and Katalan (work in progress) Ms. Uzuner won The Yunus Nadi Prize for her novel The Sound of Fishsteps (Balık İzlerinin Sesi) in 1993 and her novel Mediterranean Waltz (Kumral Ada- Mavi Tuna) was awarded as the Best Novel of 1998 by the University of Istanbul. She has been presented as honorary fellow writer by The University of Iowa, and Middle East Technical University appreciation award in Ankara in 2004. She has travelled and lived widely in North Africa, North America and Europe. Buket Uzuner lives in Istanbul with her son.

Carole Hakko

She was graduated from Harrow College of Art Technology- 1st class scientific and technical photography in 1977. She started her professional life in England as a medical photographer. In following years she interested in complementary medicine- especially in reflexology- and was educated in this area. She continued her studies of medical photography in Istanbul through the year 1990. In here, she cooperated with a lot of surgeon. In following years she volunteered to IWI (International Women of Istanbul ) Pembe Melekler in SSK Okmeydanı Hospital, through this period she has started to fulfill wishes of diseased children. Later on, she met with an organization called as Bir Dilek Tut that is established in Istanbul. By taking her experiences as a reference point, she took over the presidency of the organization. Through the years she carried the projects of the organization to an international level. Bir Dilek Tut organization, Make-A-Wish® Turkey, has been carrying out projects for the children who fight against the diseases with fatal risks, and between the ages of 3-18 years. The organization fulfills the wishes of these children in order to make them live a happy experience which will give them hope and increase their strengths for life. The organization is the Turkey representative of the world’s biggest organization that tries to fulfill the wishes of people Make-A-Wish® since 2009. Make-A-Wish® International Foundation which is established for the similar purposes spreads to 38 countries and is the biggest organization that that tries to fulfill the wishes of people. Carole Hakko still continues to her studies of treatment with reflexology, with the presidency of the organization.

Emrehan Halıcı

Emrehan Halıcı (born in 1956, Konya) received his undergraduate and graduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU), and after having worked as a research assistant at the same university for a short period of time, he founded HALICI Corporation. Halıcı, who has carried out many computer technology and software-based projects in Turkey as well as abroad, worked also as the software coordinator in the production of the first Turkish computer. Being also the founder and the member of many NGOs within the informatics sector, he has also served as the President of Software Industrialists Association and the Vice President of the Turkish Informatics Foundation. Halıcı, who had great efforts for the co-operation between university and industry, took a leading role during the establishment of METUTECH (a techno-park, settled on the METU Campus) and became also the initial investor in the first ever techno-park project in Turkey, with HALICI Informatics and Software Co. Halıcı, who also has a deep interest in music, has been playing drums since his school years. He has played with many groups, in studios and concerts. He has become one of the leading figures inTurkey in introducing and spreading computer assisted music technology. He has been organizing “Halıcı Computerized Music Composition Competition” for the last nineteen years. Highly interested in the activities based on knowledge and intelligence, Halıcı has been published nationally and internationally in the fields of mathematics, intelligence and chess. Halıcı, who took also a great role in connecting chess to the governmental authority, chaired the Turkish Chess Federation between 1992 - 99 and acted as vice president of the World Chess Federation between 1998 - 2002. Moreover since 1978, namely since the time when he was a student, he has been a columnist for TUBITAK Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technic; journal published by The Scientific and Research Council of Turkey), and now he prepares the “Akıl Oyunları” (Mind Games) column in Hürriyet Daily. He has prepared the Satranç (Chess) book for the Ministry of Education, and he is the author of six books, two titled as “Zeka Oyunları” (Intelligence Games) published by TÜBITAK, and four titled as “Akıl Oyunları” (Mind Games) and published by Doğan Yayıncılık. Each of these books achieved best seller status. In 1999, Emrehan Halıcı was elected to the Turkish Parliament. He served as the Democratic Left Party Deputy Group President. Halıcı was elected as a member of parliament again in 2007 and 2011. He is currently working as Republican People’s Party Deputy Chairman, who is responsible for information and communication technologies. Emrehan Halıcı, a member of international MENSA Society, is at the same time both the founder of and the Chair of Turkish Intelligence Foundation.

Elizabeth Filippouli

Elizabeth Filippouli is an entrepreneur and media & business strategist with particular focus on positive change, social entrepreneurship and visionary leadership. She is the Founder & CEO of Global Thinkers, a UK-based and internationally operating Communications & Business Development consulting firm & Global Thinkers Forum a non-profit initiative bringing together incumbent and future leaders and promoting excellence in leadership and governance. Elizabeth has studied Strategy and Innovation at Said Business School of Oxford University, Transnational Media and Globalisation at London City University and has taken the Harvard Executive Education program on "Shaping Change in the Information Age". Originally born in Athens, Greece Elizabeth’s background is in media having worked as a journalist with Greek press and TV and international organizations such as Al Jazeera English and CNN. As a media consultant she has worked among others with the Olympic Games (Athens 2004), the Eurovision, the National Lottery UK, Coca Cola. Elizabeth moved to Qatar in 2005 joining AJE as a presenter and correspondent and since 2007 she lives in London (UK) dedicating a good amount of her time travelling for the needs of GT and GTF. She serves on the Boards of NewsXchange, the International News Safety Institute and is also a member of the Royal Television Society.

George Christopoulos

He was born in Athens, Greece, in 1978, where he studied in two different colleges Graphic Arts and Multimedia Design (BSc). His collaboration with several international entertainment production companies, led him to deal with various multimedia projects, shows, installations and other corporate or artistic events all over the world. His portfolio as a Creative Director and Music Supervisor includes the Coca-Cola and Samsung shows that were produced for the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens and also the concert “Ode to Alexander the Great” with the Symphonic Orchestra of Cairo in the Pyramids of Giza. In 2010 he founded OTICONS GbR, an Agency that represents internationally film music composers. He currently works as an agent and manager of film composers representing internationally more than twenty (20) composers of thirteen (13) different nationalities. Among them are the Oscar-winners Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and Rachel Portman and the internationally awarded and acclaimed composers like Shigeru Umebayashi, Armand Amar and Atli Orvarrson. George Christopoulos is also a member of the World Soundtrack Academy. Additionally he is an acclaimed Film Music consultant and guest lecturer in International Film Festivals worldwide. His presentations on Film Music were held in Hawaii Int’l Film Festival, Mannheim-Heidelberg Int’l Film Festival, Soundtrack Cologne etc.

Vedat Ozan

Vedat Ozan, whose articles about the sense of smell has been published in various academic or popular magazines in Turkey and abroad, was the producer and narrator of the weekly “Koku” (Smell) broadcast at Açık Radyo, which lasted for 150 weeks. Besides being a perfumer, Ozan, who is known for his expertise in “sense of smell” and “smell in flavor perception”, conducts Scent Workshops, lectures at the Cultural Studies Master Program at Istanbul Bilgi University and participates at various congresses, conferences and seminars as a speaker. Ozan, who is also interested in the conceptual aspects of photography, is currently busy with authoring a four volume “Book of Smells” .

Zehra Sayers

Zehra Sayers studied physics at Boğaziçi University, and obtained her PhD in 1978 in biophysics from Guys Hospital Medical School, London. Fascinated by how changes in the 3D shape of biological molecules are related to their function, e.g. generating forces that move cells around, she specialized in structural biology. As one of the first female staff scientist of the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory Hamburg Outstation, she enjoyed the excitement of participating in the pioneering work of using intense X-rays from a synchrotron light source to study structures of biomolecules. She came to Istanbul in 1998 for a “once in a life time project”; being among the founding members of Sabanci University. About the same time she became the chair person of the Scientific Advisory Committee for what many call an impossible project: SESAME (Synchrotron light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East). In this project scientists, from the culturally rich but politically troubled region of the Middle East, work together to establish a world class research laboratory. They collaborate and get to know each other using only the language of science. Zehra thinks that “impossible projects”, be they scientific, educational, artistic or social, are what we need to undertake in order to prepare a better world for coming generations.

Charlotte Anne Lamprecht

Mother, daughter, hobbyist, and professional. 28 years participant in the creation of the information technology revolution. 4 years as the CEO of Casper and 24 years in a wide variety of sales and marketing positions at Intel Corporation.

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