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Theme: Be the Change!

Alpharetta, GA, United States
November 17th, 2012

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About this event

Amana Academy students 1st-8th grade are challenged this year to: Be the Change! We are school that fosters Expeditionary Learning and, therefore, we have 10 Design Principles that guide us as we learn about the world. We will connect these Design Principles with how we can be the positive change we wish to see in our society.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Garret Scislowicz
    Garrett Scislowicz, a 9 year old from Amana Academy, has raised butterflies as a hobby since age 5. Garrett's family enjoys gardening which led to Garrett's awareness and importance of butterflies. Garrett's parent's planted dill and parsley every year, which attracted certain types of butterflies as host plants. Garrett father viewed the caterpillars as pests but Garrett viewed them as important pests. So, Garrett carefully removed the caterpillars from the host plants and put them into a butterfly enclosure, caring for them until they went into full metamorphosis. Once they emerged as butterflies he waited until they were ready, then released them into the world. Through The EL Design Principle The Natural World- Garret will show you how he takes care of the butterflies & how they in turn will take care of our planet.
  • Ry Koopman
    Ry Koopman is a 7th grader at Amana Academy. He is fascinated by C.T.E, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. He found out about this when he wanted to play on the Alpharetta Jr. Raiders Football team. His Mom told him about C.T.E. She said “C.T.E is a really bad brain injury in football. Many people have died from this injury.” Ry wanted to know more. Then he found out about the Lystead law. The law requires that coaches, players, and parents to properly identify concussion students who might have a concussion. Ry want to make sure that the state of Georgia passws this law so all kids will be safe playing football. Through Responsibility of Learning Ry will show you how education will lead to prevention and less athletes getting injured.
  • Daniyal Khan
    Daniyal is a sixth grader at Amana Academy and he has loved technology since he was born. He met a boy named Kai and found out he had asthma. He researched about asthma and became interested in how it was caused. At first he didn’t understand. He decided he would research every day until he finally understood. He did not want more people getting sick so he wanted to make something that reduce asthma cases. Through the EL Design Principle Having Wonderful Ideas- Daniyal will show you how his ideas could reduce Asthma attacks among youth.
  • Fatma Elassar
    Fatma Elassar is in sixth grade and has 4 siblings. (Three are girls, one is a boy.) She has to take care of 3 of her siblings. She has taught them a lot and helped to fix their mistakes. Sometimes her mother thinks she does all the work, but Fatma and her older sister are a big affect in their sibling’s lives. At school she corrects the younger children as much as she can. It took her awhile to understand that the mistakes she makes do not only help her but also helps people around her. Through Responsibility of Learning she will show you and others how to be a positive change to those around you.
  • Rashid Arafath
    Rashid Arafath is 6 years old and he’s in 1st grade at Amana Academy. Every time he had lunch at school and brought lunch home his mother told him he needed to finish all of his food. When Rashid asked why, his mother said, “There are people who do not have food.” So, he decided to finish his food and help those who didn’t have any. He is going to start a campaign to help those who do not have any food. Through the EL Design Principle Service and Compassion- He will show you how his campaign will help homeless people plant their own food.
  • Ehab Jaleel
    Mr. Ehab Jaleel is a versatile leader drawing on 20 years of professional experience at General Electric, The Coca-Cola Company, and with various non-profit organizations to head up Amana Academy - a highly regarded K-8 chartered public school in Alpharetta, Georgia that he helped to found. This pioneering Expeditionary Learning school of 660+ students is in its 8th year of operation was honored by The Coca-Cola Foundation as 2011 Georgia Charter School of the Year. The school is indicative of his zeal for pursuing innovation and his ability to mobilize new ventures with an eye toward creating a better world. Mr. Jaleel has degrees in Applied Psychology and Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Charter Schools Association. Mr. Jaleel lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife and three daughters. He loves outdoor recreation and traveling, and he hopes to be a reporter for National Geographic Traveler when he grows up. Through the EL Design Principle of Responsibility of Learning he will show you how having a passion for education leads to stewardship and developing Citizen Scholars.

Venue and Details

Amana Academy
285 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA, 30009
United States
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Maria Singman
Atlanta, GA, United States

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