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Theme: Living Local in a Global World

This event occurred on
May 3, 2013
5:30pm - 8:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Ruston, LA
United States

The world has been growing more and more interconnected for centuries, but the pace of that globalization has increased exponentially in the last 25 years. Our efforts as individuals, groups, and societies have been consumed by learning how to and developing strategies for surviving and thriving in this globalized world. These strategies have most often taken the form of leveraging the expanding opportunities resulting from globalization and attempting to shield ourselves from others. Simply stated there has been much good and much harm from globalization, and different voices will argue for more of one or the other. At our event, we are not so much concerned with evaluation of those phenomena. Rather we are concerned with what is important and different about the local, about local places and communities. Not as a rejection or denial of globalization, connections, and virtual communities. But as something separate and distinct despite the interconnections. In particular, we will talk about local government, local finance, and local communication. We will interlace these talks with experiences, examples, and performances with a distinctly local character. Our event is a conversation and exposition on the present and future of living locally in a global world.

Stone Theatre
1310 Railroad Avenue
Ruston, LA, 71272
United States
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Caleb Smith

Seeing the world through local eyes. An adventurer, communicator, traveler, thinker, climber and storyteller. With an immense pile of fond memories from college days and a BS in Marketing and MS in Engineering Technology Management, Caleb is delighted to return to his Alma Mater to glean and exchange ideas at TedxLouisianaTechUniversity. Former SGA President and homecoming top escort, he is recently returned from an unpredictable and unforgettable adventure across Europe. He brings home some unusual tales and heartwarming insights into experiencing the world with a profoundly local perspective that seems almost foreign. Caleb now lives in Austin, TX and serves as a Marketing Strategy Consultant for growth focused companies.

Alan Dyer

Untimely meditations on credit: commerce, credit, and creativity.Professor Dyer has been working in the field of economics for over 30 years, specializing in the history of economic thought. His writings focus on thinkers, like Thorstein Veblen, John Maynard Keynes, and Joseph Schumpeter, who have developed unconventional ideas about the role of money and credit in market economies. Despite the appreciation his students have expressed over the years for the contrast his lectures provide to the more typical mathematical explanations of how we earn our livings, he is aware that an appreciation for analytical diversity continues to shrink in the discipline. Marginal landscapes like those found in the Chiricahua Mountains and on the island of Sicily provide him the space to recharge and practice patience.

Bill Willoughby

Augmenting the Posthuman City. Bill Willoughby is an Architect, Professor, and Associate Dean at Louisiana Tech University. He has written extensively on architecture and has spoken throughout the United States and internationally. Recurring topics in his research include digital devices and architecture, wireless technologies and their effect on urban space, and the redefinition of our sense of self and place as we live more of our lives digitally than in real space.

Kankana Shukla

The Humanoids are coming! Kankana Shukla is best known for her work with the humanoid robots. She believes that robots will play an integral role in places ranging from households to industries and from hospitals to rehabilitation centers in the near future.

Jacob Guinn

Staging Violence for a Modern Audience. Jacob D. Guinn is an Advanced Actor/Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors and has spent over a decade training and performing stage combat and stunt work. He has choreographed and taught workshops at various schools in the Louisiana/Arkansas region, including Hendrix College, University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Northwestern State University, as well as being a guest teacher at the 2012 Louisiana Thespian Festival. Professionally, Jacob has taught at Theatre West Virginia, Unto these Hills, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and the Texas Intensive Stage Combat Workshop. As a fight director, Jacob has choreographed at Horn in the West, Theatre West Virginia, and the Shreveport Little Theatre; and has been the assistant fight director at Unto these Hills and the Tony Award winning Cincinnati Playhouse. An avid martial artist, Jacob has spent 7 years practicing Silat and Kali, 10 years in Tai Chi Chuan, and explored various other martial arts and their applications to stage combat

Dave Norris

Local government in a global world. Dave Norris was first elected Mayor of West Monroe in 1978. During his years in office the city has experienced steady growth, expansion of low cost, high quality public works services, and sound financial management. West Monroe has an outstanding fire department and the first nationally accredited police department in Louisiana. During Mayor Norris’ years in office the city constructed the West Ouachita Senior Center, one of the largest in the state, the Community Center, and the Ike Hamilton Exposition Center, one of the south’s finest facilities for equestrian and livestock events. In addition, the city has expanded its recreational facilities to include Lazarre Park on the beautiful Ouachita River, Kiroli Park, which offers a unique woodland experience in an urban setting, and Restoration Park, a wetlands park developed from an old mined-out gravel pit. Mayor Norris, a former university economics professor, is involved in civic and professional activities in addition to his work as the chief administrative officer of the city. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Living Well Foundation. He is a member of the Ouachita Council of Governments, and is Chairman of the Monroe/West Monroe Public Trust Finance Authority.

Meihan Guo

Meihan Guo,From China- Lanzhou, is a theater major at Louisiana Tech University. She have been playing the Chinese Harp,also known as the “guzheng”, since the age of 10 & is in love with traditional Chinese music. Although being very proud of her country,her fascination with different cultures and love to meet new people drifted her to study abroad. Meihan consider the theater department as a second family.

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