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Theme: Turn On The Lights

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
10:00am - 12:00pm EAT
(UTC +3hrs)

TEDxYouth@Khartoum 2012 talks are here (Youtube playlist) :

About TEDxYouth:
TEDxYouth are annual TEDx events organized and catered towards the Youth. This event takes place every November in many countries around the world .The events are designed to empower and inspire the Youth of the world.

About TEDxYouth@Khartoum
TEDxYouth@Khartoum is organized by a group of young self-driven, inspired and motivated individuals. We invite thinkers, social entrepreneurs both young and old are invited to share their experiences, exchange ideas and inspire the next generation of leaders.

This year, 2012, theme is: Turn On The Lights
Ticket price: 50 SDG
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Alsalam Rotana, Nile Ballroom
Al Salam Rotana ,Khartoum, Sudan
Khartoum, 12290
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Rashad Abdelrahman

Rashad Abdelrahman , When not reading or writing he is usually either thinking about something to write or about something he recently read, Surveying Engineering is what I study and Surveying is my passion minus the engineering part. Son of a traveler, the most intriguing thing in any place is it's people, the most valuable natural resource is people, I love working with people and I enjoy doing work that affects people.

Sara Akasha

Sara Akasha , Sarah Akasha is a 19-year-old female from Wadi Halfa; She is currently studying medicine at the university of Khartoum. She aspires to achieve greatness in whatever department she choses in the future. Her hobbies include swimming, learning new languages and simply exploring everything life has to offer

Suhaila Mohammed Abdulrahman

Suhaila Mohammed Abdulrahman is a finalist student in the Faculty of Dentistry of the International University of Africa. Since her childhood, her passion has been art and drawing. She traveled a lot during her life, and that helped the development of both her talent and her way of thinking.

Zeinab Muntaser

Zeinab Muntaser is a seventh grader at the Suliman Hussein Academy, and she is 11 years old marking the youngest speaker at TEDxYouth@Khartoum 2012. Her hobbies are drawing and cooking, and she has a passion for animals. Her dream is to become the first female president of Sudan, so as to be able to finally show how wonderful this country can be.

Hori Abdulrahman

Hori Abdulrahman is an Electric Engineering student, and he is 20 years old. His dream is to improve education in Sudan; he believes in the motto "Education for All", and this is based on his belief that Education is the backbone of a good and developed community.

Ola Mamoun Alahmer

Ola Mamoun Alahmer is a third year student at the Faculty of Civil engineering of the University of Khartoum, and she is 19 years old. Ola was born and spent her childhood in UAE, participated in many competitions and camps, and in fourth grade she won the title of "Environmental Ambassador" by the 'Environmental Research & Wildlife Development Agency'. She was also a member of the gymnastic team and music team.

Marwa Youssef Ahmed Taha

Marwa Youssef Ahmed Taha was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there until she finished high school, then came to Sudan to complete her education at the Faculty of Law of the University of Khartoum. She is an active person, very confident and her favorite books are the ones about self-development.

Reem Khalil Hafiz

Reem Khalil Hafiz is a first year student at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Khartoum, and she is 19 years old. She loves reading different genres of books and listen to music; she also likes to spend her spare time doing volunteer work.

Solara Mahadi Shacak

Solara Mahadi Shacak is a fourth year student at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Khartoum, and she is 19 years old. Her passions are art and reading, and her dream is to make a change in the community around her.

Khabab M. Alamin

A 24 year old graduate from Sudan university of science and technology. He likes to read and watch documentary movies especially ones about engineering and wildlife. He started dealing with the computer since he was 6 years old. He is interested in surfing the net and making programs for smart phones. He dreams to be one of the best Android programmers in the world.

Hala O. Mahjoub

A 4th year vet medicine student at the university of Khartoum. She is interested in drawing, writing, hand crafts and reading. She hopes to specialize in small animal surgery and organize an animal welfare society. She wishes to do something to make the community consider animals more seriously.

Lina Amar

Is a student at Avinash Academy. She is interested in writing and photography. She is passionate about playing the Violin, though she is a rookie. She is also passionate about reading mystery books and listening to loud music.

Fatma Abdallah

Fatima Abdalla: A 14 years old student at Omdurman high school. She is a social and very funny person. She likes to read and write stories and poetry. She has local and international contributions, where she received many awards.

Shwariya Group

Shwariya meaning (The streets) is group of Sudanese Youth performers and artists. They perform a play that contemplates the circumstances and struggle of Sudanese youth in a humorous and intelligent approach. Shwariya is an independant voluntray non-profit youth initiaitive, through which different arts are born for the purpose of raising awareness about soiecty problems and igniting the discussion. Their activity is mainly done in streets so as to get everyone's attention. They represented by : 1- Ahmed Aldaw nasr aldeen and 2- Mustafa Hisham Mohamed

Karam Aldin Ibrahim

Karam Aldin Ibrahim Has studied mechanical engineering at University of Khartoum. At his childhood, his interests were fixing and making toys. He invented his first small steam engine while he was at primary school. He is also part of university of Khartoum satellite project.

Awlad Aljanobi Awlad aljanobi

Four university students from Sudan University for Science and Technology. Presenting a performance which Remixes Sudanese songs with Hip Hop to create a new style of Sudanese Songs.

Razan Azhari

A 23 years old, graduated from interior design. She is an art teacher at Khartoum Basic School. She is interested in drawing, painting and hand crafts.

Roa Gadalla

A 22 years old agricultural engineer. She is a graduate from University of Khartoum. She believes that Sudan change into a very rich country although it is now one of the Third World countries. She is interested in photography and engineering design, politics, human rights and the environment. Her motto is "Plant tree save the earth life" and "make a machine to keep it green".

Organizing team


Port Sudan, Saudi Arabia
  • Ali Muntaser
  • Amal Muntaser
    Speakers Prep team leader
  • Khalid Altahir
    Stage Photographer
  • Sajida Elmahy
    Program manager
  • Omer Khogali
    Technical team leader
  • Amna Khalid
    Speakers Prep Team
  • Muzafar Ali
    Team Adviser
  • Yahia M. Elamin
    Speakers Prep Volunteer
  • Lubna El-Safi
    Translation/Interpretation team leader
  • Ibrahim Mursal
    Video Production team leader
  • Shahd Osama
    Registration & Ticketing team leader
  • Mohamed Hashim
    Digital Production Team Leader
  • Sabir Sabir Bahari
    Social media/logistics team leader
  • Eman Joda
    Event planner
  • Abdalgalil Amin Al-Nemairi
    Webpage team leader
  • Lujain M. Salih
    Day of the event management team