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Theme: Green City, Better Life

Suzhou, China
October 13th, 2012

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About this event

TEDxSuzhou City2.0 event is a start. We want to send 2 messages through the event, "Green Attitude" and "Positive Lifestyle". This event is an excuse to start a conversation about our city and influence people to make action in the future. We will focus on environmental issues, innovation practice and positive stories in Suzhou.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Susan Evans
    Founder of GoodtoChina, a social enterprise that has created a platform to engage chinese youth in sustainable urban living. She is passionate, inspired and a change maker for urban environments. Susan focuses on people and how they can create change through biz and everyday life.
  • David李大维
    上海新车间创始人,有着一颗爱玩的心,发起创客空间和朋友能够一起玩开源硬件。当然,作为一个充满热情和敢于挑战的人来说,开源硬件知识库的快速积累以及更多应用的推出,是他把开源玩大玩好的迫切期望。 新车间既是全中国第一个创客空间,也是全球数百个创客空间之一。尽管每个创客空间都自主运营,但大家都秉承着相同的理念——在创作中寻求快乐。
  • 大头 李良亮​
    苏州本土资深公益人,小红帽义工协会理事,“千本字典”爱心助学丽江发起人。 曾任苏州市小红帽义工协会第二届理事会理事,任小红帽义工协会外联组、策划宣传组负责人。 大学时的一段旅程改变了大头的人生,也将他和公益联系到一起。
  • 剪刀
    苏州“WAVE LIVEHOUSE”的负责人。 热爱音乐、热爱摇滚。一直坚持在这条路上默默推动苏州的摇滚文化。​ ​致力于将WAVE办成苏州最专业的音乐现场演出场地。
  • Adam Williams​
    Adam is a cultural geographer in the University of Colorado Boulder's geography department. Currently living in Shanghai, performing field research for the completion of my PhD, which is titled: Informal Recycling as a Livelihood Strategy Among Rural-Urban Migrants.
  • 肖莲​

Venue and Details

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
No 1 Ren Ai Road Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town
111 Ren Ai Road, Dushu Lake Higher Education Town,
Suzhou, 215000
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Jade Zhao
Suzhou, China

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