x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Coming of Age in the 21st Century

This event occurred on
June 5, 2013
7:00am - 10:00am EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
Summit, NJ
United States

For our school's first venture into the world of TEDx, we have assembled a group of the most gifted and dynamic students in the world to develop, produce, promote and present their own TEDx program. Students began their journey in September as they auditioned to be a presenters and producers of the event. Those selected have been working diligently ever since. Ten presenters spent months researching, conducting experiments, crafting speeches and rehearsing their deliveries. Simultaneously, producers handled every facet of running the program. Doing so included building a stage and rear projection screen, working on sound and lighting, facilitating the presentation of slideshows, reaching out to the community for their participation, bringing in secondary acts such as musicians and dancers, and creating a program. It's been a truly amazing experience to witness fifteen 7th and 8th grade students create what is sure to be an incredible event.

272 Morris Avenue
Summit, NJ
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anna DiSibio

Anna is an 8th grader who is involved in it all. She enjoys playing lacrosse, soccer and basketball, and enjoys traveling. She joined TEDx because some of her friends had auditioned and the idea seemed like a lot of fun. She came up with the idea of her topic, “Memory”, at random. Anna would like to thank Mrs. Cavanagh, Ms. Plumbo, Mr. Wallock, Mrs. Marcus, her mom and her dad.

Alexis Greenblatt

Alexis is an exceptionally intelligent student who loves reading, watching good movies, hanging out with friends and competing with the Summit Summies. Alexis joined TEDx because she wanted to share her ideas with the world, and Mr. Wallock, her 7th grade English teacher, had told her about it which spiked her intrigue. She decided upon her topic, “What Is Happiness?”, whilst thinking about her life goals and yearning to try a social experiment. She would like to thank her family, friends, and particularly the participants of her experiment. She would also like to give a special thanks to Ms. Plumbo, Mrs. Marcus, Mrs. Cavanagh and Mr. Wallock for guiding her through the entire process.

Scott Greenblatt

Scott is a student you can’t help but like. He enjoys playing saxophone, piano, soccer and baseball. He joined TEDx because it seemed fun and was a great opportunity to improve his writing skills. Scott came up with the idea for his topic, “Teen Motives and Social Groups”, because he was interested in teen studies and wanted to see how teens react in relation to their friends and family. Scott would like to thank all his friends, especially the ones in TEDx, Mr. Wallock, Ms. Plumbo, Mrs. Marcus, Mrs. Cavanagh and his family.

Kate Griffith

Kate is an extremely well rounded member of the LCJSMS family. She enjoys lacrosse, her friends, hockey, horses, soccer, art, humor, literature, ping-pong, American history, baking, learning, travelling, J.Crew, TEDx, church, Disney movies and much more. She joined TEDx because it sounded interesting. Kate chose her topic, “Cognitive Skills in Today’s Education”, because she felt that schools needed to incorporate other life-skills into their curricula. Kate would like to thank her awesome friends, awesome family, Mrs. Cavanagh, Mrs. Marcus, Ms. Plumbo, and Mr. Wallock.

Aïssa G

Aissa is a student who is very involved in the academic and artistic side of LCJSMS. She enjoys singing, acting, graphic designing, writing, and basically all other aspects of the arts. She joined TEDx because the idea of creating a combination of writing and performing appealed to her. Aissa thought of her topic, “Talent In A Digital Age”, when she had a particularly interesting debate at the dinner table over the current rise of AutoTune in the 21st Century. She would like to thank her family, Mrs. Cavanagh, Ms. Plumbo, Mrs. Marcus, Mr. Wallock and everyone who helped by completing her survey.

Zack Olson

Zack loves performing. He likes to sing, act, play lacrosse and play the saxophone. He joined TEDx because it seemed like a cool, fun, interesting club. Zack was interested in his topic, “The Cultivation Theory”, because the experimental aspect of it appealed to him and he wanted to see how people would respond. Zack would like to thank his parents, Mrs. Cavanagh, Mrs. Marcus, Ms. Plumbo, and Mr. Wallock.

Emma Osborne

You simply can’t utter the words ‘Emma Osborne’ in the hallways without being bombarded by the exceptional number of her achievements. She likes to play soccer, run in track, act and play the cello. Emma joined TEDx because it had the best teachers in school and combined writing, presenting, acting and humor all into one. She thought up her topic, “The Emotional Climate of an Era in Relation to Fashion”, because she enjoys analyzing the fashion trends of different eras. She would like to thank Mrs. Marcus, Mrs. Cavanagh, Ms. Plumbo, Mr. Wallock, her friends and her family.

Isabelle Timoney

Isabelle is a ball of sunshine who can always be counted on to put a smile on your face. She enjoys musical theatre, lacrosse and other sports. Isabelle joined TEDx because it seemed like an interesting and pleasantly challenging club. Her topic, “The News and What it Reports”, came to mind when she thought about her interest in television. She would like to thank her friends, family, Mrs. Cavanagh, Ms. Plumbo, Mr. Wallock and Mrs. Marcus.

Jordan Goldberg

Jordan is a fun-loving 7th grader who enjoys swimming, basketball, watching TV and texting. He joined TEDx because his mom suggested it to him. Jordan came up with the idea of his topic, “Addiction to Technology”, because he, himself, is addicted to technology and his teachers would always end up pulling his phone out of his pocket every 30 seconds. Jordan would like to thank Mrs. Cavanagh, Mrs. Marcus, Ms. Plumbo and Mr. Wallock.

Curran Stockton

One of the younger members of the TEDx community, Curran clearly earned her place as one of the best. She likes writing, playing lacrosse and field hockey, and being with her friends and family. She joined TEDx because she wanted to become a better writer and public speaker and wanted the chance to research a topic of interested to her. She thought of her topic, “How Trends Start and How They Catch On”, because she is fascinated by trends and has partaken in more than a few of them. Also, she is reading a novel about trends right now! Curran would like to thank her parents, Mrs. Cavanagh, Ms. Plumbo, Mr. Wallock, Mrs. Marcus, Mrs. Schwarzmann and Mrs. Gallagher.

Jack Bonomo

Jack is an 8th grade student at LCJSMS that has a special role in carrying out the TEDx operation: he is the research director and the MC throughout the presentations. He enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse. Jack joined TEDx because he wanted to get involved in an extra writing program similar to ones he had participated in earlier in his lifetime.

Organizing team


Summit, NJ, United States
  • Jack Bonomo
  • Adam Dwyer
  • Liam Dwyer
  • Patience Baldacci
  • Ethan Barsh
  • Griffen Feeney
  • Delaney O'Dowd
  • Dory Marcus
  • Janice Cavanagh
  • Nicole Plumbo