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This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
10:00am - 2:30pm EAT
(UTC +3hrs)

Brookhouse School is excited to be hosting its first TEDx event. TEDxBrookhouseSchool will be held on Saturday, November 17th,2012. We be will joining hundreds of other TEDxYouth events throughout the world to celebrate the voice and vision of young thinkers and doers of a global series of events held in honour of Universal Children’s Day (November 20).

TEDxBrookhouseSchool will bring together an audience of high school students and adults for a half day of inspiring talks and conversation.

The conference theme is “Dream Big... Then Do It” and features speakers who will share their stories of pursuing their dreams. TEDxBrookhouseSchool conference has prepared a program that promises to challenge the audience to think critically about their lives, communities and own leadership, and is designed to inspire the students to be more creative and innovative. The topics discussed can help prepare young people for a life of service, challenge, adventure and international understanding.

The audience will have the opportunity to network with one another during intervals that will encourage sharing of ideas. In addition to hearing speakers, performers and recorded TED Talks on 17th November, attendees will be able to visit the TEDxBrookhouseSchool Exhibition before and after the event. The exhibitions will showcase creative works of art and other innovative projects.

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Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru Julie is an MBA holder from Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, Cardiff and LLB Law from Cardiff Law School, University of Wales, and Cardiff. She is the co-founder and a Director of Arimus Media Ltd and Imagine Pictures, local production houses focusing on the development of quality African content. Julie has been active in the media across the platforms of broadcast and print for over 12 years. Also a TV Host and Media Executive at the fastest growing media house in East Africa, Royal Media Services, Julie hosts Sunday Live with Julie Gichuru, the pioneer news show that blurs the lines between formal news broadcasts and more entertaining talk and current affairs shows. Julie has also developed the Africa Leadership Dialogues, which is a dynamic, interactive show featuring interviews with leaders and policy makers as well as the citizenry. This program is set for syndication across the continent. Julie and her husband Anthony Gichuru have established the Footprints Africa Foundation to engage and support innovative and driven young people who have a passion for equity and development. They have so far launched a dynamic high school debate platform, the Great Debaters Contest, now airing on Citizen TV, This is a partnership with youth organization, the Jamhuri Peace Foundation. The Footprints Africa Foundation has also sponsored the Natembea Campaign (natembea is Kiswahili for I am walking), which has a vision to see that every child in East Africa has a decent pair of shoes, and engages in education on hygiene and sanitation in disadvantaged communities. Julie is currently the Ambassador for the AMREF Stand Up for African Mothers campaign to train over 1,500 midwives in East Africa over the next 3 years. She has been the Dettol ambassador for hand-washing and as a mother she is a UNICEF advocate for breastfeeding.

Richard Turere

Richard is a 12 year old student at Brookhouse School Nairobi, Kenya. He is a very independent minded individual who has been able to work very well with his peers. He is passionate about his community and has therefore looked for ways to make the lives of his people much more comfortable. This can be seen through his ingenious innovation used to scare lions which have for a long time harassed the residence in the area where he comes from. His ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer. While in school he is a member of the Science Club, the Hog charge (a club whose aim is to create awareness about the importance of environmental conservation) and he also loves cycling. Richard participated in the TED Talent Search and was nominated to attend the TED 2013.

Steve Chege

Born in a family of 3 siblings, Stephen is the third. A recent graduate of the Brookhouse Academy of Performing Arts, he is currently a performing artist, fashion designer, humanitarian and entrepreneur. He is deeply passionate about empowering the woman of today’s world and conducts projects to support this via his community based organization ‘Beautiful Flower’. His hobbies include; reading, socializing, travelling, watching movies & listening to music. He aims to live his best everyday, leaving no room for mediocrity.

Kagwe Mungai

Kagwe Mungai is a Brookhouse School alumnus. At Brookhouse Kagwe became the youngest student to become Music Captain in year 10 (age 15). He was also an accomplished actor and was involved in such epic drama productions as the lead role in the “Royal Hunt of the Sun” He describes himself as an all rounded leader who is also gifted with many talents including Music, Art, Acting, and has a good understanding of business management. Kagwe studied at Southampton University, UK where he took on a Double Major in Music and Business Management. He graduated with upper class honors Kagwe Mungai's vision is to show the world that Africa (and Kenya mainly) is a formidable player in the global music arena.

Tita Labi

Stephanie Otolo

Stephanie Otolo believes that she is ‘unique.’ She poses a certain charm and quality that can easily be distinguished from her peers. Her natural generosity has geared her to partake in large number of community service projects on an international –scale. Her profound willingness to listen as opposed to control, a quality not possessed by many, has allowed her to flourish as a respected leader within her school community and amongst her peers. Her greatest achievements are representing Brookhouse School at International Round Square Conference in Wellinghton College, UK, House Captain and Boarding Prefect. She is an active member of the Environmental Club and has participated in environmental symposiums.

Rachael Wanjohi

Rachel Nyokabi Wanjohi, is a Year 13 student at Braeside High School. She is the founder and coordinator of the Wairuri Primary School project aimed at improving the school environment and general well being of Wairuri students. She has served as the Tunza Eco-generation Ambassador for Kenya. Her job has been to mentor young environmentalists and to promote awareness on environmental issues that are faced today. She has done this through writing articles posted on the Tunza Eco-gen website. Her passion is voicing environmental injustices and promoting eco-friendly and sustainable projects. In the future, she wants to continue her work in philanthropy and in helping to protect the environment as an Environment Engineer.

Imaan Himid

Imaan is an A’ Level student at Brookhouse and in her last year in high school. She describes herself as an ambitious, courageous, respectful and kind young lady. She believes that her love for people is the thriving trait and catalyst that drives her to be the person that she is. She cares a lot for humanity, thinks with not only her mind, but also with her heart, which sees her to be the entrepreneur, leader and philanthropist that she is today. Imaan has been a good ambassador of Brookhouse School at various gatherings, the key ones being International Round Square Conference at Wellington College, UK. And the People to People In Boston. Her greatest achievements are her leadership roles in school which include being Deputy Head Girl, House Captain, Environmental Chair and Sports Captain. She has also been awarded for sports and her public speaking skills in environmental and economic symposiums

Paula Kahumbu

Dr Paula Kahumbu is a Kenyan ecologist and has been involved in conservation since 1989. Paula is known for starting the Colobus Trust in Daini in 1997 where she initiated the construction of the colobus bridges that saved many monkey's lives. She went on to work for the Kenya Wildlife Service in various senior positions from 1989 to 2000 in research, policy and park management. Paula received her PhD from Princeton University in 2002 when she studied the elephants of the Shimba Hills. She joined Bamburi Cement in 2004 and ran Lafarge Eco Systems which was responsible for the restoration of the Bamburi quarries. There she rescued a baby hippo Owen who met a giant tortoise Mzee, and she wrote a children’s book about it that became a world best seller. In 2011 she won the National Geographic Howard Buffet Award for Conservation Leadership. She currently is the Executive Director of WildlfieDirect, a blogging platform for African conservationists. She is the Chair of the Friends of Nairobi National Park, FoNNaP.

Esther Kiburi

Esther is pursuing her passion, music and is in her final two-year course in Business and Technology in Music at Brookhouse School and loving every moment of it. Esther believes that change begins with us. She believes that our dreams and hopes can be fulfilled and that God gave us the power to determine our destiny and make the world a better place to live in. “I believe that the only thing holding us back is fear of taking risks”. Through music, we can start the process of healing and reconstruction of the society. I am the second born of 3 children and the only girl. Her dream is to bring a positive change to the world through her music.

George Ng'ayu

Everybody either knows, or has noticed somebody who seems to work out anything and everything that is thrown their way in one single stride. From just their presence, the people around them seem to have an individual contention and holistic inspiration brought about by them. The type of person that unexplainably makes you smile or laugh, lift your spirits and without them knowing it or saying it, they challenge you to step up your game. I bet you have that person in your mind. George Ng’ayu is one of those, hardworking, fun loving and expressive individuals that are always on the frontline wanting to experience all that life has to offer. His kind and gentle personality makes you willing to listen to his intuitive thoughts and in-depth perceptions and opinions, keeping you hooked onto everything he has to say.

John Kyalo & David Ndegwa

John and David are both upcoming singers and songwriters, currently doing a two year diploma in B-TEC Music at Brookhouse School. They are thoroughly enjoying themselves. John will be singing his own song, 'I don't like You'. David who describes music as his voice will be accompanying.

Vanessa Kimuna

Vanessa Kimuna is one fo those inividuals in school who’s presence is felt subtly but the impact she makes on the school community is great. Her involvement in the music and arts department is immense. She is a very talented artist and musician who sings and the plays the piano, among other instruments. Her commitment towards what she does is very inspiring to friends and family alike. She is an amazing role model and student leader.

Ian Munene

Ian Munene is a very pleasant student and cares for his environment and its people. Having lived in two separate worlds, Ian is able to relate with both the rich and the poor, he wants to break the barrier between the two. He is screening in a television show in Kenya known as Machachari. Ian would like to pursue acting as a career. Acting has had a great impact on his life and helped him realize himself. His dream is to make a difference by starting a school for the less privileged.

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