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Theme: My Way

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
10:00am - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Tallinn, 37

TEDxYouth@Tallinn “My way” is a TEDx event for youth organized by youth. Speakers chosen by highschoolers will share their ideas, dreams and accomplishments in a variety of fields. It’s a day full of great talks, conversations and activities, to inspire you to think, dream and take action and find your own way and place in the world.

School of Rocca al Mare
Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 8
Tallinn, 37, 13521
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Laura Deming

Currently a partner at Floreat Capital and fellow with the Thiel Foundation 20under20 Fellowship, Laura has wanted to cure aging since the age of 8. After years working on nematode longevity at the UCSF graduate school, Laura matriculated to MIT at 14 to work on artificial organogenesis and bone aging, and is now based in San Francisco, working to find and fund therapies to extend the human healthspan.

Kristjan Korjus

Kristjan is a computer science graduate student with background in Mathematics and currently working on analyzing brain data. He has been teaching Math both in middle school and university, trying to bind math with ideal world problems so that everybody could better understand it. His biggest passion is translating math into "human language".

Mihkel Kama

Mihkel is a young scientist, currently doctoral student at the University of Amsterdam. His focus is on star- and planet formation which is motivated by the question: what can astrophysics tell us about the origins and spread of life in the Universe?

Vasilis Koulolias

Vasilis Koulolias is a founder of Gov2u, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of ICT to promoting popular democratic processes and giving a voice to citizens to be involved in the decision making processes of their governments. Gov2u now operates around the globe advising and assisting governments to modernize their legislative processes and enabling citizens to exercise their rights to democratic participation.

Juan Batiz-Benet

Juan is obsessed with science and technology. He is a Computer Scientist from Stanford University (BS, MS on leave), and Founder of Athena, a tech startup advancing human knowledge. He loves teaching and is driven to share understanding.

Kadri Bank

Kadri's Master’s thesis at the University of Tartu was on what drives girls to take part in the Calendar Girl competitions, where they are ready to pose half-naked to win. She’s been interested in how do gender ideals develop in a society and how we’re being taught to act according to  a “proper” gender model, ever since then. She has been writing about this in her blog.

Dmitri Domoskanov

Dmitri is a high school student who has been figure skating for the most of his life. However, his real passion in animation -- his movies have brought him recognition in Estonia and abroad.

Nathan Metsala

Nathan is a 10th grade student of Tallinn 21st School and CEO of student company Student Network. In addition to that, for the fourth year he is active at his school’s student union. His main hobby is however music -- he plays drums and guitar.

Toomas Laigu

Toomas has been an active member of several youth organizations and has been leading the biggest one in Estonia -- Estonian School Student Councils' Union. After graduating from high school he traveled for 8 months in Asia and will soon open his own vegetarian restaurant.

Tenfold Rabbit

Previously known as Ansambel Meelik, Tenfold Rabbit is an enjoyable band who makes you really listen.  "Youth Band cometition 2011" and "Estonian song 2012 " were just like a wind for their wings. Their music is gripping and it will pleasantly haunt your mind. Andres Kõpper - Lead vocals, piano Rain Parve - Guitar Meelik Samel - Bass Martin Petermann - Drums and percussion

Rene Kukk

Rene is an 18-years old senior student of Tallinn English College. Besides school, debating has been his principal hobby already since 7th grade. He is also for the third time attending the World Schools Debating Championships in January next year as a member of the Estonian delegation

Kristiina Tüür

Kristiina was born 22 years ago on Muhu island. She’s a fourth year undergraduate student in biology. Kristiina works on her experiments in  the Institute of Technology at the University of Tartu in Prof. Tanel Tenson’s group under Arvi Jõers’ supervision. She has been a member on the board of  Tartu Student's Nature Conservation Club for 4 years and she’s also passionate about travel and hiking.

Kärt Ojavee

Kärt is a young designer, who's been working with interactive textiles already for 8 years. For her, curtains, wallpaper and pillows are never something fixed and stationary -- all they are capable of becoming "alive" -- changing their color or patterns, moving or making sounds.

Tallinn Support Center "Juks" theatre group

Tallinn Support Center Juks' theatre group, directed by Zoja Mellov, has been performing since 2007. They have prepared 5 plays and have performed at “Savilind” (a festival in Estonia) and “Sam Body Plays” in Finland during the Turku 2011 European Cultural Capital.

Jaan Tootsen

Jaan is mostly known for his radioshow “Ööülikool” (“Night University”), which he got awarded for by the President of Estonia. He’s also a documentarist and his movie “New World” was a surprise for both public and critics but he has made movies before: “Discover a rich corner in the Cosmos” (2005) and “Good new world” (2006). He also directed an audio play called “Steal more strange bears” (by Urmas Vadi), made music backgrounds to Tallinn City Theatre plays and published his writings in various places.

Frankie Animal

Frankie Animal is a young, four-piece Estonian indie-folk-rock band formed in the spring of 2012. The band has a natural sound and its music is characterized by simple melodies and dynamics, brought together by the young musicians' harmonic unity. Marie M. Vaigla - vocals Jonas Kaarnamets - guitar/back vocals Jan-Christopher Soovik - bass/back vocals Karl Eerik Valkna - drums/back vocals

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