x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
April 26, 2013
10:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
cairo, C

This was our first event. It was about the concept of Synergy. We had several live speakers and screened talks about ideas generated from different perspectives of this concept.

Theme: Synergizers

As Aristotle put it, Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And since TED is all about the collective power and value of ideas, TEDxGUC's theme is Synergizers. We are honored to be bringing you this revolutionary platform, where people from all walks of life come together and synergize to make ideas, ventures and revelations transcend cultural and intellectual barriers.

University's auditorium
The german university in cairo, new cairo
cairo, C, 00202
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Mostafa Amgad

Mostafa Amgad, a recent Pharmacy Graduate from the German University in Cairo.Through out his college years , he has come to an important conclusion which is the importance of always developing one's self. He believes that self development is exhibited in three main aspects which are intellectually, physically ,and spiritually therefore many decisions and choices of his life is actually based on such a belief. An outgoing individual who likes to take advantage of opportunities for self expression and who enjoys interacting with people.

Abdallah Soliman

Abdallah Soliman is a Senior Engineering student at The German University in Cairo. The writings of Linguist Dr. Abdelwahab El Messiri were an eye-opener for him on many levels specially intellectually, particularly his Articles and books on Modernity and Post-Modernity themes, and from there he found his way into social and political engagment whether it be in his small community ( university, etc..) or the whole society. He's sees that the struggle in the modern society is a struggle for humanity, against the mass commercialization of aspects of our daily life.

Sherif Hamed

Sherif Hamed, Graduated in 2012 from the German University in Cairo, Networks Engineering Major, and currently he is working as Business associate in Vodafone Egypt Discover Program after moving from Orange Business Services. Sherif always believed that development is a non ending process whether its personal or community related and thats why he was enrolled in different Student Activities and organizations like GUCMUN, AIESEC GUC and even founded along with other proactive group of youths their own NGO "Fekra". He is a horseback riding addict, finds a special passion in sharing his thoughts and point of views with others through writing in his own blog or through public speaking in different occasions, enjoys reading all types of books, an Egyptian seeker for a world that respects Equality and Basic human rights for everyone.

Kareem Helmee

A Digital media engineering graduate, working as a 3D artist at Zanad. Mainly in the dynamics part. At GUC, he was involved in several student activities, mainly GUCMUN , SIFE .. along with some activities outside of uni, AIESEC CU and Rotaract club of wadi degla in Maadi. Music is very important to him, not only egyptian music, but from different parts of the world. And with different styles. About 4 years ago, he found his passion which is writing, mainly criticising our bad habits and the situation in Egypt. He created his own blog "Hona Al Qahera" and started to write small articles, short poems and it got good feedback. Recently he found another passion which is the mic, from performing on stages to hosting events. Someday he wants to combine traveling, music, microphone and technology in something that he can call his career.

Loay Hamed

The 25 year old has always been interested in quantum and modern physics along with unusual phenomenas and theories which pushed him to join the fame lab competition organised by the British Council in Cairo and win the 1st award by audience vote. His interest in working on social and human development motivated him to participate in the customer satisfaction university award competition prepared by Alex Bank in cooperation with American University in Cairo and German University in social development activities and win the first award. This background cleary shows what inspired him to talk about the building block of the universe and offer TEDxGUC’s audience a unique experience with his ideas that were definitely worth spreading.

Rana Fetit

An enthusiastic writer and painter who believes in one's ability to achieve the impossible, thus is very keen on personal development. Rana started writing and painting at the age of 10 and still does so to express and share sentiments that some might fear to speak of. The greatest achievement in life, she believes, is fulfilling one's uttermost potential; through overcoming the fears within.

Salma Ibrahim

Salma tried different lines of work, Business Development, community development and volunteer work as well as activities with multiple NGOs. She have a passion for writing and is currently pursuing it greatly. Recently won "Best Screenplay for short movie" competition by Cinephilia production company.

Sherif Barakat

Graduated from the American University in Cairo with M.Sc. 1999 and B.Sc. 1996 in Engineering. Completed Diploma from the University of California Berkeley 1994. Worked in top Multinational companies among which: Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. Recognized as top innovator in business management in 2002: Won the BRAVO award. Was part of the National Team in Modern Pentathlon ( 5 game Olympic sport) from 1990- 1993.

Murtadha Al-Tameemi

Murtadha Al-Tameemi of GEMSI (The Global Entrepreneurship and Maker Space Initiative), is one of the first to introduce Hackerspaces, a brand new open- innovation platform, into the Middle East. Contrary to the common misconception, Hackerspaces are NOT online piracy hubs. They're actually open community-run spaces, where people with different skill sets but common interests get together and share both knowledge and physical resources to build great things.

Mostafa Hemdan

CEO and Co-Founder of RecycloBekia, Undergraduate student at Tanta engineering college - Egypt. A young ambitious entrepreneur who led a team of 20 students to found a company for e-waste "electronic waste" recycling – RecycloBekia- at the second year of studying communications and electronics field. RecycloBekia started with very low capital in a small garage in Egypt, won the first place at Injaz Egypt Competition 2011, won the "Fedex Access Award" at Injaz AL-Arab regional competition 2012 and got nominated to the top 20 finalists at "Start with Google competition". RecycloBekia is among 15 of the top social enterprises and platforms seeking to empower social entrepreneurs in the Arab world and recently RecycloBekia was recognized by " Forbes Magazine" as one of the 10 middle eastern startups you need to know.

Marwan ElKattan

As long as Marwan could remember researching and questioning psychological philosophy has been his greatest passion. He studied business informatics and since then has always been trying to connect his studies with his passion. Prototyping self created theories to pave a path as an aspiring Egyptian social entrepreneur, and during this whole journey he has always been questioning his motive.

Metwali Mathana

Metwally Mathana, 5 Paralympic medals, the first of which is silver, then 3 gold and the last bronze. 5 times world champion and 5 world records. 11 gold medals in African, Arabic and international championships, 2 Times Egyptian Merit as The Order of The Republic.

Wael Yassin

Wael Yassin has been working as the principal Marketing and Management Consultant of VisionPro Corporation since 1994. During this period he conducted a significant number of Seminars/Workshops in many areas for different private sector companies both directly or through contracts with academic bodies.

Organizing team

Al Ashry

Cairo, Egypt
  • Yacoub Yassin
    Multimedia team head
  • Ahmad Mokhtar
    Human resources vice head
  • Ali El Gendy
    Public relations vice head
  • Amr El Selouky
    Human resources team head