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Theme: Where Tomorrow Begins

Jupiter, FL, United States
April 19th, 2013

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About this event

We chose "Where Tomorrow Begins," it is the founding motto of Florida Atlantic University and it seemed appropriate for our university's first TEDx event. The speakers utilized this theme using various topics from neural networks to economics.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr. Kevin Lanning
    He is a Professor and Faculty Assistant to the President of FAU and Editor-in-Chief of Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy. He received his doctorate in psychology from UC Berkeley. In the Facebook group Honors College: The Movie, he is played by the actor Larry David.
  • Dr. Guillaume Dumas
    He studied complex systems and brain sciences. His interdisciplinary research project aims at an integrative account of neural, behavioral and social coordination dynamics. He is interested in interfacing Science, Art, and Technologies towards the building of a more ethical, sustainable and open society.
  • Leslie Williams
    Leslie is a friendly introvert with a burgeoning passion for translating her nerd rage into the creation of a better future. She is a student, a wanderer, and an optimistic nihilist.
  • Dr. Keith Jakee
    He is an associate professor of economics at the Wilkes Honors College of FAU. Originally from Detroit, he spent 15 years living abroad in France, Ireland, Sweden, and Australia. His research is primarily in entrepreneurship and in the cross section of economics and politics.
  • Leigh Clay
    While finishing her last semester of graduate school and generally rocking at life, Leigh spends her free time hanging out with her two children, reading amazing books, and writing down whatever words pop into her head.
  • Dr. Charles Evans
  • Rory Padgett
    Rory is a non-auteurist filmmaker from Loxahatchee, He is in his final semester at FAU and will graduate with a degree in Film, Television, and New Media. Rory is developing a politically agitative mode of cinema production that is predicated on collaboration and improvisation. His work with Stop #Owlcatraz Coalition and TWAC utilize various digital and internet technologies in a collaborative manner.
  • Sara Thomas
    Originally from Tennessee, Sara moved to Florida 5 years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a marine biologist. "I've always believed that we as humans can have an impact on our environment, whether it is good or bad is up to us; my goal is to leave a positive impact."
  • Zoey Lewycky
    Zoe is a senior at FAU's Honors College and will be graduating this May. She majors in Women's Studies with a minor in Environmental Science. She plans on doing a Masters in the field of critical feminist science studies at FAU Boca Ration.
  • Dr. Sameer Hinduja
    Formally, he is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at FAU and Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center (www.cyberbullying.us). He is recognized internationally for his groundbreaking work in the misuse and abuse of technology and social media by youth. Informally, he is a dreamer, thinker, adventurer, and risk taker.

Venue and Details

Florida Atlantic University MacArthur Campus
5353 Parkside Dr.
Jupiter, FL, 33458
United States
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Devin Sieck
Jupiter, FL, United States

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