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Theme: Cities of the future

March 14th, 2013

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Cities of the Future

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jakub Štrpka
    Age: 18 Presentation title: Caring about design Brief description: Save the world from visual apocalypse by caring for how things look like.
  • Dominik Lehocký Filip Čekovský
    Age: 17 and 17 Presentation title: Greenhouses of tomorrow Brief description: Winners of presentation in Bratislava FLL. A presentation about mobile cultivation of food.
  • Michael Szczerba Daniel Mistrik
    Age: 11 and 10 Presentation title: Transportation Brief description: A presentation about transportation
  • Linda Kmotrikova and Joanna Blanckaert
    Age: 11 and 11 Presentation title: A Future City Brief description: A presentation about a future city
  • Simona Sulikova
    Age: 17 Presentation title: "The home of a futuristic society" Brief description: A 17-year-old unscarred idealist, blogger, eco-activist and aspiring political campaginer. Future economics and politics student, with a specific interest in sustainable development and design. I believe that every idea is worthy of further contemplation
  • Bjorn Kierulf
    Age: 44 Presentation title:  Passive Houses = ecological comfort Brief description: A passive house needs a minimal amount of energy to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. But it is much more than that - it provides the inhabitants with fresh air and a healthy environment. Low running costs nevertheless provide a very high standard of comfort that can not be achieved in other buildings. The passive house standard can be used for all kinds of buildings and the implementation of "nearly zero energy buildings" throughout Europe is targeted for 2020
  • Roman Talas
    Age: 43 Presentation title: Cities for living Brief description about yourself and/or your presentation: More and more people are going to live in the cities. Searching for better economic possibilities, cultural activities or simple new way of life makes living in the city one of the biggest social challenges. Everybody needs to have a home, often side by side with strangers. Can good urban planning help?

Venue and Details

British International School Bratislava
British International School Bratislava
Penikova 6
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Bratislava, Slovakia

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