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Theme: Rhythm of the Future

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
10:00am - 5:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Kaunas, KU

“Rhythm of the Future” – it is a topic connected not only with the future, but also with the past and present. The maturity of the people depends on the existing societal norms, traditions and on the continually changing needs of the society. Even though the future is built by young and creative people, wisdom, inspiration and “ideas worth spreading” are sought from the most intelligent specialists in each sphere.

Movie Theatre - "Romuva"
Laisvės al. 54
Kaunas, KU
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ernestas Kalabuckas

The first Lithuanian to take a picture of Lithuania from outer space. “It all started in the summer of 2008. I said to myself – I am going to take a picture of Lithuania from outer space. Now, I think, that the motivation to reach my goal was to prove not only to myself but also to others that I can do things that most of us do not even imagine.” Ernestas has a couple of key traits necessary for his success. Firstly, he is quite pedantic. Secondly, if an idea takes over his head, he tries to do it as soon as possible. Ernestas does not like to put work aside because he admits that after a while he can lose the prime ardour. Ernestas is an active person. Recently, working with “Čili Pica“, he accomplished another of his projects – lifting a pica to outer space.

Rytis Zemkauskas

“I do not understand people that cannot change their opinions. A smart man changes his opinion if life shows that the person was wrong. Only an idiotic person never changes his opinion.” It is hard to name everything that Rytis Zemkauskas has done. He is a TV journalist and show host, producer, writer. Rytis Zemkauskas has been awarded with “Geriausias jaunasis žurnalistas“ prize by Kaunas region board, Lithuania’s ministry of culture award for the most relevant and memorable publications in the sphere of culture. “Ad rem” TV critiques named his show “Lankos” the best cultural publicity TV show. “Alchemija”, another show that he produced , was awarded with “Pragedrulių“ prize as the best cultural show of 2010.

Mantas Ratomskis

“I am not a fan of the stage, I’m 26 and I have been thrown out of university 3 times.” Mantas is the ex-“DJmag” team member, producer of innovative and standard-breaking advertisement at TBWA/Vilnius Advertising Agency, R&D project manager at the biggest social media site and currently the leader of myeverCLASS team. He wants to prove that social media sites are the continuation of our real life digitally. His goal: to make myeverCLASS a global project.

Vytautas Jokužis

In 1991 my colleagues and I founded ELINTA (Electronics + Intellect), a business that creates complicated and automatized control systems that are comfortable for users. Our main strategy has given ELINTA the opportunity to beat the competition and evolve really quickly. We represent the innovative business in Lithuania that is open to society. Vytautas Jokužis and ELINTA are currently participating in scientific projects, are active in the social sphere. The executive pays a lot of attention towards making ideas of young scientists come to life and making the youth more entrepreneurial. The youth at ELINTA presented new electronic vehicles, the first electric charging stations were built in Kaunas. Both university and school students who are searching for inspiration to create a better future and seek academic excellence are always welcome to get to know ELINTA’s business activity.

Meinardas Valkevičius

I am Meinardas Valkevičius, I have been doing animation for more than half my life. I‘ve done art and commercial animation. I am the main executive, director and animator of UAB MeinArt animation studio, I write reviews for animated and sci-fi movies. I am lecturing people about animation in the movie theater “Pasaka“, the lectures are called “Create Your Own Animated Movie.” Also, my blog is the biggest animation blog in Lithuania. I love going to international animation festivals, I have spoken in conferences about animation. I am a man of animation!

Berta Tilmantaitė

“Most importantly – do what you want and enjoy it.” Berta is a multimedia journalist and a lecturer at Vilnius University, faculty of journalism. She has won several journalism awards in Lithuania and abroad. Berta has lived in Denmark and China, she traveled across Europe, North America and Asia. Berta is always looking for new challenges and destinations because it is the best way to grow, learn and enjoy life. Her newest project is a journey across the world.

Girvydas Duoblys

“Talk, wonder, act and the doors will open for you. Do what you find interesting, not what is fashionable.” Girvydas Duoblys is a lecturer on volunteering, youth subcultures, teamwork, social skills, local community creation, human rights, public speaking and youth involvement in the public sphere. He works with upper school pupils, teachers, law enforcers, politicians and other social groups. During his lifetime he worked in Georgia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Albania, Belarus, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, Cyprus, Lebanon, Scotland, Cuba and Afghanistan.

Andrius Kleiva

“Use every day as an opportunity to make tomorrow even better.” (Steve Jobs) Being twelve years old Andrius Kleiva started an active life on the internet. Soon later, he created a blog and started writing, in all fairness he did not really comprehend what he was doing at the time. With every year the demands of the readers grew, so Andrius had to adjust and improve his blog. Now, the blog is much different from the original one, but after six years from being launched it has been awarded as the best blog in Lithuania and Andrius became the editor of “Naujoji komunikacija.” Nonetheless, Andrius is still active in the blogging sphere – he started organizing BLOGOUT, an event to unite Lithuania’s bloggers. Andrius calls himself a perfectionist, if he takes up something, he will not let it go easily. Maybe that is the reason for his successful blogging career.

Vitalijus DespotinFam

“Everything that I have in my life right now is the reflection of the actions and decisions in the past. Results occur when you are least ready for them, but that is what is exciting about life.”

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Kaunas, Lithuania
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