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Theme: Redesigning Education

Greenville, SC, United States
March 15th, 2013

About this event

re·de·sign (v) : To make a revision in the appearance or function of
ed·u·ca·tion (n) : The act or process of acquiring knowledge​

TEDxFurmanU is a student-organized conference on the campus of Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Inspired by big ideas and good design, a group of Furman students have joined together envision a future where creativity and innovation are more than just words on a page. While we were excited by talks and visions for the future of education, we grew tired of hearing buzzwords or catch phrases. Buzz aside - we began to ask hard questions, learn from each other and explore new fields to imagine how our university might redesign education for the future of learning.​

Redesigning Education is no small task. Since the ways that we share ideas, process information and create knowledge are changing every day, the places and spaces where we teach and learn must change, too. Let's rethink how we think about thinking. Let's relearn how we learn about learning. Let's redesign our schools, our classrooms, our lectures and our diplomas to prepare learners for success in this age of constant change.

On March 15, 2013, an audience of doers and thinkers at Furman will hear from a cast of speakers that are actively shaping the future of education. We invite you to be inspired, share ideas and take action to make our campus a place where engaged learning takes on a whole new meaning.

Venue and Details

Furman University: Harper Hall
3300 Poinsett Highway
Greenville, SC, 29613
United States
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This event occurred in the past.
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Organizer 164119

AJ Calhoun
Greenville, SC, United States

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Michael Robinson
Program Director
Ben Riddle
Oryza Astari
Jeff Dye
Katherine Boda
Public Relations
Sean Butler
Marketing and Webmaster
Lannon Gustafson
Madison Smith
Volunteer Coordinator
Christy Hess
Sarah Katherine DeVenny
Inclusion and Ticketing
Blake Yoder
Community and International Outreach
Sam Klein
Technical Director
Kelly Cercy
Sponsorship Team
Pearson Fowler
Speaker Liason

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