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Theme: Ordinary Miracles

Daejeon, South Korea
November 24th, 2012

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About this event

Every one of us has a moment when we find our daily routine boring. It is rather ironical that we speak of wanting to escape our repetitive & notorious days, while simultaneously thinking that ‘Special things are something done by special people, not someone ordinary like me’.

Cannot today, seemingly one another ordinary day, become special?
On upcoming November 24 at TEDxKAIST: Ordinary Miracles, we would like to share how to make your everyday a miracle.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dennis Hong
    2012 TED Speaker, Roboticist, Founder of RoMeLa
  • TaeWoo Kim
    As a senior in university, TaeWoo Kim jumped into the pool of start-ups, intrigued by young entrepreneurs when working at a venture capital in the Silicon Valley. He established a company “Moglue” that develops a program that allows the easy creation of interactive electronic books. Such idea has drawn both domestic and international interest. He laments over the fact that when “All children are artists, just as Picasso had stated” and yet lose the ability to speak of their wonderfully sparkling stories as they become adults. At TEDxKAIST, he talks about the necessities in making all children ‘Storytellers’, to grow up as adults treasuring their stories.
  • SungWook Shin
    SungWook Shin, documentary writer and Program Director (PD), developed more than 60 documentaries including the KBS Special “생로병사의 비밀” and KBS Feature “2부작 읽기혁명”. He was awarded the Grand Prize at Korea Broadcasting Award Ceremony and in the field of Documentary at AIBD Award Ceremony. He has a Master’s Degree at KAIST Department of Science Journalism with a thesis “Research on Right Brain Appearing in Korea’s Newspaper and Broadcasts”. Simultaneously he wrote A Child with Good Brain. At TEDxKAIST, SungWook Shin will share his unique method in dealing with unpredictability of the future.
  • TaeLim Kim
    TaeLim Kim, the manager of “HOWL Atthe MOON”, simply introduces himself as a “Bar Owner”. Despite his humble self-description, he has held several photo exhibitions, shot a short film “Reflect”, and worked as a director of KAMF (KAIST Art & Music Festival) last October. Recently he has established a production agency “ENJOYment HOWL” by posing the question “Why we must go to Seoul” and coming up with the answer that culture should not be limited to a certain region. TaeLim Kim will share his personal experiences at TEDxKAIST his hardships and the joy of stepping out and realizing his passion.
  • Cooper Sanghyun Yoo
    Cooper Sanghyun Yoo did not follow the conventional career path of an engineer. Having graduated from KAIST Department of Industrial Engineering he then moved on to studying Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. He is active in various fields including short film, music video, 3D images, and digital performance and showcased his media art pieces ‘EDG Twitter’ and ‘Magic Tile’ in the 2012 Yeosu Expo, ‘Expo Digital Gallery’. Currently Cooper Sanghyun Yoo is teaching Game Design in Sogang University’s Department of Art and Technology while acting as a director in the media art group ‘Zero to One’. At TEDxKAIST he will share his story on finding his path between utilizing the left side of the brain as an engineer and the right side of the brain as an artist and wrap it off with a media art DJ-ing performance.
  • DongSun Kim
    DongSun Kim, an innocent and ordinary looking high school student, will speak of his childhood experience of once having gone to the Police Station charged with “hacking various things for fun”. He is currently the youngest member of “WOWHACKER”, which conducts research on the World Hacking Security Technology. He has also worked as an organizer as well as a member of the exam-question-setting committee for the World Hacking Defense Competition SECUINSIDE 2011. He has won First Place in various hacking defense competitions such as AROS and Layer CTF. In addition, he has participated in the development of security techniques for applications used by several financial institutions (banking agencies). Here at TEDxKAIST, he will demonstrate computer hacking and talk about security insensitivity in daily lives based on his own stories and experiences
  • SeBeom Oh
    SeBeom Oh is currently a student at the KAIST Graduate School of Cultural Technology, having graduated from KAIST Department of Industrial Design. He is involved in numerous different extracurricular activities such as ‘Petty Studio’ a project started with his university colleagues, a one-person project ‘World of Hobbies, and is also an active album jacket designer of the indie band Autumn Vacation. Se Beom Oh believes that not anyone can become a movie director or an author but anyone can produce their own movie or novel. These voluntarily initiated products of hobbies are a better form a self-expression. At TEDxKAIST SeBeom Oh will tell us about his story on the joys of transferring his interests in design, independent publication, and movie production into short documentaries and a travel book of Iceland.
  • Heewon Lee
    Lee HeeWon is a KAIST Industrial Design ID+IM Lab Doctorate candidate student and is a member of the ‘Nanoom Project’. ‘Nanoom Project’ aims to create design and sell design products to raise funds for the lower income students and contribute to society. At the same time HeeWon Lee is participating in the ‘See Project’ that looks to look beyond Korean borders to practice sharing through design especially for the under privileged in Kenya. At TEDxKAIST HeeWon Lee will share her experience in designing and developing the Soudspray and give designers and engineers tips regarding appropriate technology.
  • David M. Helfman
    David Helfman received his B.A. from Northwestern University, M.A. and Ph.D. from Emory University and for over a decade continued research at the world renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. He was a Professor of the University of Miami and has been a Professor of Biological Sciences here at KAIST since 2009. David Helfman at first glance, is in an elite class of intellectuals. Despite this he never dreamt of becoming a Professor. At TEDxKAIST David Helfman will share his life changing experiences as an ordinary student, the realization that there is no one right path in life, and that it is perfectly fine to diverge from the current path.

Venue and Details

KAIST International Center (W2-1)
373-1 Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, 305-701
South Korea
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