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Theme: NYU in motion

This event occurred on
April 14, 2012
1:00pm - 5:30pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
New York, NY
United States

As one of the world’s leading research universities, New York University hosts an amazing roster of highly intelligent, vastly inquisitive Students, Faculty, and Alumni throughout its global network. Each is a thought-leader in his or her own right, and with TEDxNYU we are bringing them together to share ideas, insights and inspiration.

New York University
238 Thompson Street
New York, NY, 10003
United States
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Peter Rajsingh

The title of Peter's Talk "The Vasty Deep" evoques a line from Shakespeare's Henry IV to frame his reflections on the Global Financial Crisis. A professor at several of NYU's Colleges, Peter encourages us to recognize that we must now look at the world through an entirely different lens. We cannot control the spirits from 'The Vasty Deep', no matter how hard we try.

David Burstein

David is a student at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and as the founder of the nation's largest youth political engagement group, he is an expert on the Millennial Generation. This is the generation currently coming of age, and as David shows us -- they're going to change everything.

Christopher Bradley

Christopher is a student at NYU Poly, where he studies Computer Science and Biology, two fields that are rapidly converging. As he shows us, our world is about to change radically thanks to the promise of Synthetic Biology.

Clare Chiesa

Clare is an alumni of NYU and currently runs a non-profit organization dedicated to educating those who have technology but lack the skills to fully utilize it. Her work has impact lives all across New York City, and she urges us all to be aware of and work to correct the growing digital inequality in our communities.

Nicholas Mirzoeff

Nicholas works with students every day who are becoming crippled by the debts from their education -- creating a bubble far more severe that which precipitated our current global crisis. As Nicholas warns, we must take steps to address this problem now, before it pops.

Annie Escobar

After graduating from NYU, Annie dedicated herself to telling untold stories. She travels the world producing videos for non-profits, and is passionate about the power of individuals. As she tells us in her intimate talk, your story has the power to change the world - share it.

Sinan Aral

As a professor at both NYU and MIT, Sinan devotes his time to studying influence on social networks. How do ideas spread? What's the best way to get something to be shared across networks? How likely are you to actually care about something one of your connections shares? These are all questions Sinan tries to answer.

Lucas Green

As the host of his own radio show on WNYU, Lucas is no stranger to the NYU community. Energetic and exciting, he's an excellent Master of Ceremonies.

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New York, NY, United States


New York, NY, United States
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