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Theme: Open

This event occurred on
October 27, 2012
10:00am - 4:00pm (UTC -7hrs)
Los Angeles, CA
United States

UCLA's second annual TEDx plays with the word "Open". The word includes ideas around open data, open source, open communications, empathy, and open collaborations. The speakers cut across the fields of law, humanities, performance, health, research, and a few quirky surprises very much in the TEDx spirit. Speakers include: Laura Bates Shakespeare in Shackles: The Transformative Power of Literature Dan Blumstein Dan has something to say about fear. Christoph Bull Performing "Open" and doing his TEDx talk with: Juliana Gondek Vladimir Chernov Alexys Tiscareno Briana Gantsweg Jasmine Jones Live Painter: Norton Wisdom The only speaker who needs eight very strong movers to prepare the stage for his talk. Jorge Cham The Science Gap Bobby Gadda co-founder and board president of CicLAvia, and currently on an adventure on a tall bike David Gere ...and his sex squad Mark Hansen UCLA and Columbia University Professor and head of the Brown Institute for Media Innovations Scott Hindell user-centered concepts and strategy developer will have a reveal Rachel Kann author and spoken word poet Karen Lauritsen Libraries Can Be Loud Laurie L. Levenson …is thinking about something every law student needs to experience. Cameron McNall UCLA professor, artist and architect uses systems to make finished spaces unfinished. Barbara J. Natterson-Horowitz Not Uniquely Human: Problem-Solving Across the Animal Kingdom Ramesh Srinivasan  
 Sharing ideas about how culture and technology create one another Amy Rowat The Molecules We Eat Chris Rutterford Edinburgh based artist and writer sees the consumption of art a bit differently Antonio Lysy and Gareth Walsh with Young Ah Ha “Pampas” – A Land without Shadows Stephanie White The Social Brain

Broad Art Center Auditorium
UCLA Campus 405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90095
United States
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University (What is this?)
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Sherman Oaks, CA, United States
  • Erich Bollmann
  • Karen Lauritsen
  • Kenn Heller
  • Gretchen Matsumoto
  • Cindy Grant
  • Cathy Sandeen
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