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Theme: فكر

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
11:00am - 8:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Alexandria, ALX

TEDxYouth@Alexandria will be on 17th Nov. in Alexandria Center of Arts for the 2nd year

Alexandria Center Of Arts
1 Horeya Street ( Extension of Fouad Street )
Mehatet Elraml, Alexandria, Egypt
Alexandria, ALX, 21411
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anwar Mohamed

a 19 years old student at faculty of Engineering,Computer and Communications Department. Engineering fields brought him him inspiration since childhood, that produced curious questions to Anwar wanting to reveal the secret of intruders attacks on computer networks and having a guaranteed privacy against hackers.This was his start point into the world of computer security. Anwar believed that the greatest concern was humans! Stating them as the most dangerous factor in secured systems, who should also have full awareness to ensure their privacy in our digital world. Currently, Anwar is contributing to many computer security related to projects besides his security researches in systems' exploitation.

Mohamed ElHaddad

is a multi-talented 19 year old teenager. “I could see everybody searching for money and a secured future, yet I believe this should never be the case. Humans are higher creatures. Animals live to make a living. I am certain humans are here to contribute to the world, not just live!” Haddad quoted. Among the contributions of Haddad is community service. He worked in many social and educational projects, models for international organizations, and founded one community service club. His love for science drove him into scientific research. He says: “Science is pretty much details from our daily lives: the story of the universe, the story of human beings, …many stories. And I couldn't just be a listener to stories. I wanted to be an author.” He, and his twin sister, have two scientific papers in Environmental Sciences and won many national competitions, besides a ranking among the Arab world in research. Haddad says that his greatest passion is for public speaking. He worked as a speakers coach and gave inspirational speeches in many occasions

Solaiman Yunusa

Solaiman, the Nigerian young man, decided to totally shift his career after graduating with a computer science degree, and decided to run for Medicine! “I have witnessed doctors in Nigeria treating patients in an unethical, inhuman way.” He quoted. “Despite the great challenges in the field of medicine I believe that in order to bring change into the society I have to gain a lot of experiences. For this I have studied many international diplomas from places like Lydon State University U.S.A, Oxford Academy, and others. I’ve also attended many medical and non-medical conferences, among many other diverse activities. I believe that one single person, if he/she has the passion, can bring change to this world and change the life of others.” Solaiman also wishes to share the idea of creating a new international youth organization with the aim of making great changes in the Middle East (MENA) and the African region as a whole.

Mahmoud Mansi

An Alexandrian writer who studied business all his life, Bachelor Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Marketing, and at the same time very passionate about art and nature. He discovered his talent of writing when he turned 16 and started writing in English with a goal to deliver the power of Egyptian philosophy abroad. Meanwhile as he won some awards in both writing and business, he started to blend between both extremes and formed a foundation called "The Forgotten Writers" during the revolution. The aim of this foundation is to empower Egyptian literature abroad and to inspire global literature. Mansi believes that each kind of art affects us in a very unique way, and this way reflects upon our personal lives, thus by time he learns to perform and experience new talents.

Hesham Selim

He is still studying at the faculty of commerce, but he also works as a soft-skills trainer, besides an instructor for some related business management techniques. He lectured in some international sessions including topics like Self-help and Business Management fields. A young entrepreneur who believes can change the world, he is a motivational speaker who thinks that everybody has something unique to offer; everybody is a genius somehow and somewhere

Mostafa Ibrahim

A 16 years old ambitious Egyptian student, who wants to change his lovely Egypt & the whole world to a better place. He DREAMS to return the glory of Islam and the excellence of Muslims in all life fields specially science. Since his early childhood he was fond of voluntary activities because he felt that it's his duty to help other people. He always believed that YOUTH can be great LEADERS and they can make achievements adults can't make it, that's what his mother put in his heart and mind, she was the one who pushes him forwards and help him, even after her death, he still feels that she always with him pushing him forward and preventing him from returning back

AlaaAbou El Kassem

Born in 1990 to an Algerian mother and an Egyptian father, Alaa is a student at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. He started Fencing at a young age at the Fencing Club of Alexandria. Although Fencing is not that famous, Alaa continued his way to glory. Alaa lacked any sort of financial support, even the media didn’t give him much attention as it was all dedicated to Football. Yet, all these obstacles didn’t stop Alaa; they became his motive to keep going. And it was it in this year’s Olympics; he became the first African to win a medal in Fencing and the youngest Egyptian Olympic medalist fulfilling his father’s wish who passed away few months before the Olympics. As a real champion, Alaa proved that struggle develops strength and going through hardships helps us to never surrender.

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