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Theme: YOUTH ideas WORTH Sharing

Fort Worth, TX, United States
November 17th, 2012

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About this event

Each November, on Universal Children’s Day, the United Nations challenge all citizens to host multiple events for youth across the world in every time zone on and around this special Day. TEDx celebrates TEDxYouth Day. Our event is in keeping with this global concept of Ideas worth spreading focus in Fort Worth, Texas. The vision for our event is to support this initiative in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Working through a variety of youth organizations, school districts and community programs we seek to cast a wide net to reach students ages 13-19, who have been identified as interested and possessing potential.

To pique their interest, we will immerse them in an artsy, scientific and technologically rich interactive environment. We will expose them to personal development messaging aimed at cultivating the belief in each one of them that they can indeed reach their dreams. Adding to this stimulating venue will be various displays and many exciting exhibits. Our presenters are diverse, representing Cowtown’s best. The activities in between sessions will involve both fun and learning. Our theme, Ideas (Fort) Worth Sharing is meant to excite our participants and make them want to spread ideas worth sharing.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Wyatt Reeves
    Wyatt Reeves presents his ideas on the future of fuel.
  • Casey Hammett
    Casey Hammett presents her TED Talk about Puppy Mills
  • Luke Womble
    Luke Womble presents his ideas on democracy and choices we make.
  • Alec Petsche
    Alec Petsche presents his presentation on emotional intelligence
  • Kassandra Gamez-Gonzalez
    Kassandra Gamez-Gonzalez presents her Ted Talk on myths about Television
  • Samantha Mares
    Samantha Mares presents her TED Talk of communication and our educational system in the US
  • Sara Heinzman
    Sara Heinzman talks a how philosophy and is value in our lives.
  • Thomas Manning
    Thomas Manning presents his TED Talk entitles Strive to Survive.
  • Marshall Neves
    Marshall Neves gives a TED Talk on capturing special moments in life.
  • Mabry Jackson
    Mabry Jackson discusses the privatization of space travel in his TED Talk.
  • Samantha Beggans
    Samantha Beggans shares her passion for the ocean and surfing in her talk.
  • Emily Yurk
    Emily Yurk 's TED Talk is on looking at life with new eyes.

Venue and Details

Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)
1700 University Drive
Fort Worth, TX, 76107
United States
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Jeff Johnson
Fort Worth, TX, United States

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Donna Fossmeyer
Thomas Torlincasi
Board Advisor/Facilities
Martin Durbin
Board Advisor/Finance
Kevin Beck
Design Expert
Gregg Heinzman
Anthony Alviar
Idea Curator
David Himmelstein
Eddie Merla
Board Advisor/Mentoring
Sherri Heinzman
Welcome/Idea Facilitator
David Watkins
Pat Harrison
Board Advisor
Amanda Stone-Norton
Education Coordinator
Erin Taylor
Social Media Director
Philip Mann

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