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Theme: You think, therefore you create!

This event occurred on
November 20, 2011
2:00pm - 8:00pm WET
(UTC +0hrs)
Aveiro, 01


Youth of Aveiro, think.
Think of the history, but look into the future.
Think of the progress, but don’t forget nature.
Think of the problems, but come up with solutions.
Youth of Aveiro, think. And create better.

We would like you to be aware of your important task – to create a brighter future for all of us. The planet will stay, like a fragile egg in your hands. Think globally, create locally.
We count of you.

This year, your participation in TEDxYouth@Aveiro, is just a step forward, towards the future that will be colored with your ideas and your solutions. On 20th of November, Theatre of Aveiro will be your stage to share your ideas. One day, soon, your stage will be the entire world. Everything will depend on you.

We believe in you, we believe that you will think constructive, think innovative, think forward.

We believe that from this way of thinking beautiful products will be created.
Never be afraid of thinking and doing. Only some ideas were born perfect, but then creativity and re-thinking made them better.

Let your ideas be, let them live, share them with us, tell us what you think. Remember: when you share ideas, at the end you'll have more of them. You don’t have to change the world, but surely you can do some little share and make it a better place to be. Think of that. Create your idea. Create your world. Create your future. Think. Create.

You think, therefore you create

Welcome to TEDxYouth@Aveiro, where we believe in your creations.

Teatro Aveirense
R. de Belém Pará
Aveiro, 01, 3810-066
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ana Lidia Rouxinol Sampaio Dias

born in Maia, in 1993, finished secondary school with the final note 19,2. Simultaneously, she was as succesfull at the Conservatory of Music, where she studied violin, and she has been playing in various concerts, and besides, she represented Portugal in international competitions. She applied to the University with 18,88 values and she is already studing the first year of Medicine, at Porto University (H. S. João).

Guilherme Gomes

born in Viseu in 1993. Son of two lawyers, has a younger brother. Already as a kid started doing theatre. He attended Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in London. He has created two channels in YouTube where he recites poetry. Became well-known in Portugal after the apperiance in the program "Portugal's got talent". At the moment he studies theatre at Superior School of Theatre and Cinema.

João Martins

Chamo-me João Martins, e fico-me pelo primeiro e último nome pois no dia em que vim ao mundo a indecisão foi tanta que acabaram por me dar um “AlphaPendular” de nomes. Contrariamente a 99,9% das crianças, nunca quis ser Policia, Bombeiro ou até mesmo Astronauta, durante grande parte da minha infância os meus sonhos passavam por vir a ser Pastor, e por muito que me contrariassem, eu não estava interessado em ouvir. Por amor de Deus, quem é que com 3 ou 4 anos quer ter alguma profissão com alguma base de seriedade? Foi já durante o secundário que descobri uma das minhas grandes paixões, o Associativismo! Estive 3 anos ligado a uma Associação de Estudantes, o que pesou bastante na altura de "pôr a cruzinha" para me candidatar a Gestão.

Vasco Palmeirim

Nascido em 1979, fruto do amor de uma bailarina e de um maestro, Vasco Palmeirim demonstrou desde muito cedo não ter grandes aptidões para o ballet ou para a música clássica. "Pliês" e partituras nunca foram o seu forte. O seu lado mais artístico revelou-se, sim, na prática do ténis onde ainda hoje é recordado pela beleza do seu jogo. Os resultados ninguém se lembra, mas a sua estética tenística ainda hoje é uma referência para os lados do Estoril. Ao mesmo tempo que desenvolvia as suas esquerdas a duas mãos e o seu jogo de pés, Vasco Palmeirim também desenvolveu o seugosto pela parvoíce. Pelo Humor. Cresceu a ver Monty Python. Mel Brooks. Herman José. Conan O Brien. E foi este ruivo de cabelo esquisito que o fez pensar "Queroseguir Tv". E tudo corria bem, até aparecer a rádio na sua vida. Hoje em dia, não quer outra coisa.

Filipe Curado

Hi, my name is Filipe Curado Teixeira and I live in Aveiro. I was born on 16th of May 1994, also in Aveiro. I was attending primary school of Gloria, after what I was from 5th to 9th year in S. Bernardo. At the moment I am in Secondary School Homem Cristo, in the course of science and technology, 12th year. I always liked sports a lot, but never to play football. Since I was kid I practiced swiming and sailing, and more recently cycling. Sincerly, I have no idea how they convinced me to be a speaker here, but I accepted the challenge of doing a Talk because I am curious!

Júlio Camilo

My life has an origin in the fusion of 2 continents, European and African. I am originaly from Santarem, and I am 16 years old. I already practiced sports such as karaté and basketball. Besides that, I like to walk my dog, ride a bicycle, see TV and play with the computer. I like all types of music and I don't have a girlfriend.

Miguel Diogo

I was born in Brussels in 1995. Early expressed propensity for technology. I came to Portugal, when I was 1 year old, having begun to learn information about the same time I learned to read, in the "Future Kids".I completed the basic school at "Colégio Português" in Aveiro, and there I participated in my first programming project - to control a Lego Mindstorm robot, and presented it at the National Robotics Festival in 2010.When I was 12 years old I was 2 weeks in the EF Cambridge where I learned to live alone in a foreign country, where i had my historical forced entry at Harrods, where kids only can come acompanied with adults... In 2009 I entered course at the UA, in partnership with my school, to develop more skills in programming.In the summer of 2011, I did a month long internship at PT Inovação and developed an entrepreneurial spirit and essence of "team work". I love creativity!

Rafaela Ferro

I am Rafaela Ferro, I live in Aveiro and I turned 15 in June. I am the 4th year now. I was studying in Sever do Vouga and somewhere in the middle of the transfer badly wrote my name in my ID card. Now I'm in school Jaime Magalhães Lima. I love playing piano and guitar, writing, traveling and reading. Last year I developed a project with a friend about children, it somehow brought me to TEDx and I could not be more excited.

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Aveiro, Portugal
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