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Theme: Play, Learn, Build & Share

This event occurred on
November 20, 2011
10:00am - 4:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Chisinau, CU

Around the clock, TEDxYouth@Chisinau is working hard to produce the most inspiring, and motivating “PLAY, BUILD, LEARN AND SHARE” event in Moldova. On the 20th of November we invite you to start a life changing adventure that will be sure to trigger your imagination!

November the twentieth will be an unforgettable day in the history of Chisinau, trust us it’s a day you don’t want to miss.

Only a select few will have the opportunity to witness the greatest inspirational event in decades showcasing live performances of young, ambitious, and truly breathtaking individuals.

After weeks of exciting brainstorming, the coordinators of TEDxYouth@Chisinau have chosen a handful of young leaders and professionals to present to an audience interested and willing to work towards a better society.

Of course! There were times when one of us said “Oh my god! How could we forget about this great speaker?”, but the team was flexible enough to keep pace with all the extraordinary ideas coming through.

It is time for our youth to stand; speak; and lead our country, and ignite the sleeping fire of prosperity within ourselves. Within each of us lies a lion worthy of being king. Ideas are meant to be shared; our youth embraces the philosophy of “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Criticism, misinterpretation, and opposition are factors we all consider when speaking publicly, but our speakers go above and beyond taking the biggest risk of all, the risk of influencing other people’s lives, by inspiring and motivating through the most powerful drug in the world, words. Words cause action and action leads to change.

Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds, all the way from our average citizen changing the world one block at a time to scientists tinkering around with robotics, circuits, and motherboards. We look forward to what surprises they have in store for us!

Diverse backgrounds lead to diverse ideas that if well put together could bring about true change in Moldova. All it takes is to plant that seed and pour water and let it grow over time.

The Facebook generation is blessed with great innovations in the worlds of theater, cuisine, entertainment, social media, marketing, NGO, and IT. That’s only one side of the equation.

Youth have something called the “will of fire”, something capable of changing how the world works. They are not afraid to ask the silliest questions because they have a genuine curiosity that is lost in many adults. Einstein was successful because he had the curiosity of a child and because of it he conducted “thought experiments” of riding a beam of light, it was because of this curiosity that he imagined a new theory, that theory became the Theory of Relativity overturning Newtons’ theory. Einstein won the Noble Prize in Physics a few years later. Why? Because he maintained a youthful view of the world. Youth changes society.

Here at TEDxYouth@Chisinau we encourage you to participate in “Ideas Worth Spreading” so we can all improve our society one step at a time. Step#1 : Come Join us on November 20th, at 10:00 AM in the Satiricus Theater!

Come and support the Moldovan youth leaders and those that at a young age have achieved more than what was thought possible.

Signed by TEDxYouth@Chisinau Team

Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale Theatre
55, M. Eminescu Street
Chisinau, CU
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Nicolae Apostu

He considers himself boring and old, hardly a description for a speaker at TEDxYouth@Chisinau. Nevertheless, he enjoys being this way, because it means that he always has the privilege to be among young and interesting people. He’s been involved in several NGO projects for one single purpose: to make the world a better place to live. It seems that the world isn’t getting any better yet – this means he still has work to do. Besides his mission of saving the entire planet (a hobby of his), he is an ordinary employee in a big corporation, and since corporations are seen as the major evil power in the world, he thinks he found his equilibrium between good and bad. He also tries not to forget that there is no fate.

Ionela Costachi

Ionela is currently working in a consulting project for the Government of Republic of Moldova, focusing on cultural development. A strong promoter of various forms of non-formal education, Ionela has been involved from an early-age in personal and professional development activities, including public debates, trainings and social campaigns. Her latest project in non-formal education was the launch of a reading campaign, a campaign which promotes reading among youth in Moldova. Interested in how culture can be transformed in creative industries and ultimately benefit economic development, she believes that countries with limited resources can harness their cultural and intellectual instruments to pave the way towards further development. Her game is to make you escape the pre-established boundaries and think with courage.

Viorel Pahomi

He studied Acting at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts (Chisinau/Moldova) and Directing at Moscow Art School Theatre (Moscow/Russia). Some of his theatral performances are “FIGHT CLUB”, “CAIN”, “Generation Jeans”, “FUCK YOU EUROPE” and “Zuckerfrei” as well as short films such as “coma” “winter has” or “La Radio”. He is one of the founders of “Teatru-Spalatorie”. He works in contemporary and social theatre, and is currently involved in several social media/performance art projects, as well as international collaborations with other artists.

Victor Berzan

He is a simple boy who likes electronics and programming. He also likes robotics, which combines them both. Now he studies electronics at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. Unaccustomed to speaking and writing too much, he lets his passion do the talking.

Andrei Bolocan

A JurnalTV presenter with over 10 years of experience in dilettantism and zeal for easy money. He worked as a cook, interpreter, seller, carrier and guitarist on the streets in several cities of the old continent. He likes good books and good songs. He loves travelling, but has no money, so he has no choice other than admiring the jewelries of other places on Youtube. He believes in the power of beautiful thoughts, in the bright future of local television, and (just a little bit) in love.

Vlada Ciobanu

She reads, she thinks, she questions and she writes. She is always accompanied by music. Vlada dilikes people who are either mediocre and show too much initiative, or those who cannot share a success. She is a blogger and writes mostly about politics and society, however she wishes someday she could write about cooking or raising a cat. In her free time she is a Program Officer at an International Institute.People say that her name is an oxymoron: vlaDA ciobaNU. Probably. She likes oxymorons. It is very difficult to juggle between two divergent ideas in mind, but that is what makes us better.

Arcadie Cotruta

He was born before the start ended but after the end started. Somehow in a period of transition that seems to have marked him with a desire to break with regularity and dismiss the state of normality. Something that he tends to call a bi-annual cycle of life, he lived in Devon for 2 years whilst finished his school studies, then went to Cambridge for a further 2 years of case-obsessed English law, then moved on to Paris for another 2 years of pain au chocolat and droit continnental. Then came home. This, again you might notice, is a rather abnormal move. Arcadie likes to provoke and believes in deontological approaches to our issues. “And we have many issues; many secrets. Let’s open them up.”

Petru Scaletchi

Petru is a 24 year old fellow who reached the professional level of some of the best-known chefs, but still was able to preserve his unique personality. Ambition, perseverance and hard work gave him the opportunity to become “BUCATARUL DIPLOMAT” presenter at Jurnal TV, and the chef of the German Ambassador in Moldova. He always strives for excellence, thus he puts a lot of effort and passion in everything he does. He believes that the art of beauty will save the world, that’s why he is also a member of the “Speakers’ Club”, so that he can express himself through both – culinary and oratory art.

Surprise Speaker

Stefan Rosca

A true renaissance man, Stefan balances both brawn and brains like a true champion. At the ripe-old age of 21 Stefan is already a sports champion, holding the European record for dumbbells and currently training for the London 2012 Para Olympics. He is also working towards his Sports Coach major at USEFS. He also expects to have his second degree in law at USM. Despite his achievements at an early age, Stefan is down to earth and easy to get along with. Beyond being a sports champion he is also a champion of change. Stefan has big dreams, ideas, goals, and desires to transform his country for the better.

Ross Tanner

Ross is the CEO at Flosites, and a Co-Founder of Agency Eden, both businesses focusing into niche markets globally. His business model is based on internal motivation, growth and customer service. With several years of experience in consulting individual and small business startups to find their business model online and offline as a branded business. Over time this passion has evolved in his own businesses, which he is currently involved in creating 3 new web app products releasing in early 2012. After moving to Moldova in 2008, he began to have a thirst for the raw talent that he discovered in Moldova, and knew that he found a place where a highly skilled team could be created, after intensive training and encouragement through motivation. Now, his focuses lie in creating new products and app development.

Organizing team


Chisinau, Moldova
  • Elena Zgardan
  • Dana Muntean
    PR and Communications
  • Artur Gurau
    Digital Killer
  • Daniela Vidaicu
    Event planner
  • Pavel Novac
    Technology Guru
  • Alexandru Bordea
    Coaching & Mentoring Speakers
  • Vasile Galusca
    Fundraising and partnership relations